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Academic OrganizationTEL+81-263-37-2498
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Science Department of ScienceFAX+81-263-37-2560
AddressAsahi 3-1-1, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-8621Web site


Research Field
Plant molecular biology
Plant biochemistry
Genome evolution
Current Subject
Symbiosis between legume and rhizobia at high mountains
Metabolic dynamics in legume nodules
Biosynthesis and transport of secondary metabolites in medicinal plants
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
Japanese Society of Plant Microbe Interactions
Society of Genome Microbiology, Japan
The Botanical Society of Japan
Academic Background
Graduate School
Kyoto University , (Division of Applied Life Sciences , Graduate School of Agriculture) , 2011

Kyoto University , (Faculty of Agriculture) , 2006

Ph.D. (Agricultural Science) , Kyoto University
2011 , The JSPCMB Excellent Paper Award


Books, Articles, etc.
ABC proteins and other transporters in Lotus japonicus and Glycine max.
Springer , Plant ABC transporters 2014
Author:Takanashi K., Yazaki K.

Comparative proteomic analysis of Lithospermum erythrorhizon reveals regulation of a variety of metabolic enzymes leading to comprehensive understanding of the shikonin biosynthetic pathway
Plant and Cell Physiology,60:19-28 2019
Author:Takanashi K., Nakagawa Y., Aburaya S., Kaminade K., Aoki W., Saida-Munakata Y., Sugiyama A., Ueda M., Yazaki K.

Biosynthesis of riccionidins and marchantins is regulated by R2R3-MYB transcription factors in Marchantia polymorpha
Journal of Plant Research,131:849-864 2018
Author:Kubo H., Nozawa S., Hiwatashi T., Kondou Y., Nakabayashi R., Mori T., Saito K., Takanashi K., Kohchi T., Ishizaki K.

The Crotalaria juncea metal transporter CjNRAMP1 has a high Fe uptake activity, even in an environment with high Cd contamination.
International Journal of Phytoremediation,20:1427-1437 2018
Author:Nakanishi-Masuno T., Shitan N., Sugiyama A., Takanashi K., Inaba S., Kaneko S., Yazaki K.

Defensive chemicals of neighboring plants limit visits of herbivorous insects: associational resistance within a plant population
Ecology and Evolution,8:12981-12990 2018
Author:Ida T., Takanashi K., Tamura M., Ozawa R., Nakashima Y., Ohgushi T.

Molecular characterization of LjSWEET3, a sugar transporter in nodules of Lotus japonicus
Plant and Cell Physiology,58(2):298-306 2017
Author:Sugiyama A., Saida Y., Yoshimizu M., Takanashi K., Sosso D., Frommer WB, Yazaki K.

A multidrug and toxic compound extrusion transporter mediates berberine accumulation into vacuoles in Coptis japonica
Phytochemistry,138:76-82 2017
Author:Takanashi K., Yamada Y., Sasaki T., Yamamoto Y., Sato F., Yazaki K.

A dicarboxylate transporter, LjALMT4, mainly expressed in nodules of Lotus japonicus
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions,29:584-592 2016
Author:Takanashi, K., Sasaki T., Kan T., Saida Y., Sugiyama, A., Yamamoto Y., Yazaki, K.

Molecular characterization of LjABCG1, an ATP-binding cassette protein in Lotus japonicus
PLos One,10(9):e0139127 2015
Author:Sugiyama, A., Fukuda, S., Takanashi, K., Yoshioka, M., Yoshioka, H., Narusaka, Y., Narusaka, Y., Kojima, M., Sakakibara, H., Shitan, N., Sato, S., Tabata, S., Kawaguchi, M., Yazaki, K

The multidrug and toxic compound extrusion (MATE) family in plants.
Plant Biotechnology,31:417-430 2014
Author:Takanashi K., Shitan N., Yazaki K.

Molecular cloning and characterization of a GDP-specific aromatic prenyltransferase from Citrus limon.
Plant Physiology,166:80-90 2014
Author:Munakata, R., Inoue, T., Koeduka, T., Karamat, F., Olry, A., Sugiyama, A., Takanashi, K., Dugrand,A., Froelicher, Y., Tanaka, R., Uto, Y., Hori, H., Azuma, JI., Hehn, A., Bourgaud, F., Yazaki, K.

Involvement of the leaf-specific multidrug and toxic compound extrusion (MATE) transporter Nt-JAT2 in vacuolar sequestration of nicotine in Nicotiana tabacum.
PLos One,9(9):e108789 2014
Author:Shitan, N., Minami, S., Morita, M., Hayashida, M., Ito, S., Takanashi, K., Omote, H., Moriyama, Y., Sugiyama, A., Goossens, A., Moriyasu, M., Yazaki, K.

Role of NH2-terminal hydrophobic motif in the subcellular localization of ATP-binding cassette protein subfamily D: common features in eukaryotic organisms
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications,453:612-618 2014
Author:Lee A., Asahina K., Okamoto T., Kawaguchi K., Dzmitry GK., Kashiwayama Y., Takanashi K., Yazaki K., Imanaka T., Morita M

LjMATE1 - a citrate transporter responsible for iron supply to nodule infection zone of Lotus japonicus.
Plant and Cell Physiology,54:585-594 2013
Author:Takanashi K., Yokosho K., Saeki K., Sugiyama A., Sato S., Tabata S., Ma J.F., Yazaki K.

LjABCB1, an ATP-binding cassette protein specifically induced in uninfected cells of Lotus japonicus nodules.
Journal of Plant Physiology,169:322-326 2012
Author:Takanashi K., Sugiyama A., Sato S., Tabata S., Yazaki K.

Tissue-specific transcriptome analysis in nodules of Lotus japonicus.
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions,25:869-876 2012
Author:Takanashi K., Takahashi H., Sakurai N., Sugiyama A., Suzuki H., Shibata D., Nakazono M., Yazaki K.

Arabidopsis ABCB21 is a facultative auxin importer/exporter regulated by cytoplasmic auxin concentration.
Plant and Cell Physiology,53:2090-2100 2012
Author:Kamimoto, Y., Terasaka, K., Hamamoto, M., Takanashi, K., Fukuda, S., Shitan, N., Sugiyama, A., Suzuki, H., Shibata, D., Wang, B., Pollmann, S., Geisler, M., Yazaki, K.

From defense to symbiosis: Limited alterations in the kinase domain of LysM receptor-like kinases are crucial for evolution of legume-Rhizobium symbiosis.
The Plant Journal,65:169-180 2011
Author:Nakagawa T., Kaku H., Shimoda Y., Sugiyama A., Shimamura M., Takanashi K., Yazaki K., Aoki T., Shibuya N., Kouchi H.

Involvement of auxin distribution in root nodule development of Lotus japonicus.
Planta,234:73-81 2011
Author:Takanashi K., Sugiyama A., Yazaki K.

Metabolic engineering for the production of prenylated polyphenols in transgenic legume plants using bacterial and plant prenyltransferases.
Metabolic Engneering,13:629-637 2011
Author:Sugiyama A., Linley JP., Sasaki K., Kumano T., Yamamoto H., Shitan N., Ohara K., Takanashi K., Harada E., Hasegawa H., Terakawa T., Kuzuyama T., Yazaki K.

Auxin distribution and lenticel formation in determinate nodule of Lotus japonicus.
Plant Signaling&Behavior,6:9:1405-1407 2011
Author:Takanashi K., Sugiyama A., Yazaki K.

Metabolic profiling analysis of genetically modified rice seedlings that overproduce tryptophan reveals the occurrence of its inter-tissue translocation.
Plant Biotechnology,27:17-27 2010
Author:Matsuda F., Ishihara A., Takanashi K., Morino K., Miyazawa H., Wakasa K., Miyagawa H.

Evaluation of amino acid content and nutritional quality of transgenic soybean seeds with high-level tryptophan accumulation.
Molecular Breeding,25:313-326 2010
Author:Ishimoto M., Rahman M. S., Hanafy S. M., Khalafalla M. M., El-Shemy A. H., Nakamoto Y., Kita Y., Takanashi K., Matsuda F., Murano Y., Funabashi T., Miyagawa H. and Wakasa K.

Cell and molecular biology of ATP-binding cassette proteins in plants.
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology,276:263-299 2009
Author:Yazaki K., Shitan N., Sugiyama A., Takanashi K.

Galactinol synthase gene of Coptis japonica involved in berberine tolerance.
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry,72:398-405 2008
Author:Takanashi K., Shitan N., Sugiyama A., Kamimoto Y., Hamamoto M., Iwaki T., Takegawa K., Yazaki K.