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MORI Hiroshi

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of ScienceTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Science Department of ScienceFAX
PositionAssistant ProfessorMail Address
Address3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City 390-8621Web site


Research Field
Structural Geology
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Geological Society of Japan
Seismological Society of Japan
Japan Geoscience Union
American Geophysical Union
Academic Background
Graduate School
Nagoya University , (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences , Graduate School of Environmental Studies) , 2014
Nagoya University , (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences , Graduate School of Environmental Studies) , 2010

Yamaguchi University , (Faculty of Science) , 2008

Doctor (Science) , Nagoya University
Master (Environment) , Nagoya University
Bachelor (Science) , Yamaguchi University
2016 , 2016 Island Arc Most Downloaded Award
Research Career
Research Career

Overseas Education
2013-2013 , Bristol University (UK)
2012-2012 , Bristol University (UK)


Books, Articles, etc.
地震 第2輯,71:233-241 2019
Author:森 宏;阿部 信太郎;青柳 恭平;大上 隆史

地震 第2輯,71:63-85 2018
Author:大上 隆史;阿部 信太郎;八木 雅俊;森 宏;徳山 英一;向山 建二郎;一井 直宏

Offshore extension of the Kakuda-Yahiko fault and its fault-propagating fold are investigated based on combination of high-resolution seismic surveys and sedimentary analysis to evaluate their Holocene activity. High-resolution multi-channel seismic surveys with the boomer sonar (13 lines) and high-frequency seismic survey with the chirp sonar (3 lines) ran across the fault line and its extension, and provided us sharp imageries of stratigraphic succession formed after the last lowstand. We can clearly recognize progressive deformation at the eastern-wing of the fault-propagating fold in the observed succession. To determine actual ages of the seismic strata, we measured radiocarbon dates from sedimentary cores obtained by 2 offshore borings and 2 vibro-coring surveys. Based on deformation of strata between 10.8 ka and 4.7 ka, averaged vertical slip rate was figured out to be 2.1 m/ky. On the other hand, we investigated temporal changes of accumulation rates at both the upthrown and the downthrown sides of the fault. Dynamic changes of the accumulation rates indicate that there were approximately 3 events at least during the last 10.8 ky and the averaged vertical slip rate was 3.0 m/ky during the period. Another focus of our study is on the latest activity of the fault. On the fault-propagating fold, we distinguished the uppermost strata younger than 0.9 ka without any deformation from these older than 2.1 ka with obvious fault deformation based on the profile obtained by the chirp-sonar seismic survey. These observations affirm that the latest event should have occurred between 0.9 ka and 2.1 ka. Furthermore, structural analysis on the deformed strata of 2.1 ka indicates that throw of the fault at the latest "single" activity was ca. 7.5 m. This study successfully demonstrated that set of parameters about the active fault including average slip rate, activity history, timing of the latest event, and associate surface displacement per activity of the fault could be elaborated from series of offshore active fault surveys.

Keywords:Kakuda-Yahiko fault;Fault-propagating fold;Latest faulting event;High-resolution seismic survey;Offshore drilling survey

Petrophysical, Geochemical, and Hydrological Evidence for Extensive Fracture-Mediated Fluid and Heat Transport in the Alpine Fault's Hanging-Wall Damage Zone
Author:Townend, John; Sutherland, Rupert; Toy, Virginia G.; Doan, Mai-Linh; Celerier, Bernard; Massiot, Cecile; Coussens, Jamie; Jeppson, Tamara; Janku-Capova, Lucie; Remaud, Lea; Upton, Phaedra; Schmitt, Douglas R.; Pezard, Philippe; Williams, Jack; Allen, Michael John; Baratin, Laura-May; Barth, Nicolas; Becroft, Leeza; Boese, Carolin M.; Boulton, Carolyn; Broderick, Neil; Carpenter, Brett; Chamberlain, Calum J.; Cooper, Alan; Coutts, Ashley; Cox, Simon C.; Craw, Lisa; Eccles, Jennifer D.; Faulkner, Dan; Grieve, Jason; Grochowski, Julia; Gulley, Anton; Hartog, Arthur; Henry, Gilles; Howarth, Jamie; Jacobs, Katrina; Kato, Naoki; Keys, Steven; Kirilova, Martina; Kometani, Yusuke; Langridge, Rob; Lin, Weiren; Little, Tim; Lukacs, Adrienn; Mallyon, Deirdre; Mariani, Elisabetta; Mathewson, Loren; Melosh, Ben; Menzies, Catriona; Moore, Jo; Morales, Luis; Mori, Hiroshi; Niemeijer, Andre; Nishikawa, Osamu; Nitsch, Olivier; Paris, Jehanne; Prior, David J.; Sauer, Katrina; Savage, Martha K.; Schleicher, Anja; Shigematsu, Norio; Taylor-Offord, Sam; Teagle, Damon; Tobin, Harold; Valdez, Robert; Weaver, Konrad; Wiersberg, Thomas; Zimmer, Martin;

Textural changes of graphitic carbon by tectonic and hydrothermal processes in an active plate boundary fault zone, Alpine Fault, New Zealand
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 2017(Nov. 15)
Author:Martina Kirilova; Virginia G. Toy; Nick Timms; Angela Halfpenny; Catriona Menzies; Dave Craw; Olivier Beyssac; Rupert Sutherland; John Townend; Carolyn Boulton; Brett M. Carpenter; Alan Cooper; Jason Grieve; Timothy Little; Luiz Morales; Chance Morgan; Hiroshi Mori; Katrina M. Sauer; Anja M. Schleicher; Jack Williams; Lisa Craw

Detrital zircon multi-chronology, provenance, and low-grade metamorphism of the Cretaceous Shimanto accretionary complex, eastern Shikoku, Southwest Japan: Tectonic evolution in response to igneous activity within a subduction zone
ISLAND ARC,26(6):- 2017(Nov.)
Author:Hara, Hidetoshi; Nakamura, Yoshihiro; Hara, Kousuke; Kurihara, Toshiyuki; Mori, Hiroshi; Iwano, Hideki; Danhara, Tohru; Sakata, Shuhei; Hirata, Takafumi;

Effectiveness for determination of depositional age by detrital zircon U–Pb age in the Cretaceous Shimanto accretionary complex of Japan
2017(Jun. 21)
Author:Tetsuya Tokiwa; Makoto Takeuchi; Yusuke Shimura; Kazuho Shobu; Akari Ota; Koshi Yamamoto; Hiroshi Mori

The importance of heating duration for Raman CM thermometry: evidence from contact metamorphism around the Great Whin Sill intrusion, UK
Author:Hiroshi, Mori; Natsumi, Mori; Simon Wallis; Robert Westaway; Catherine Annen

Bedrock geology of DFDP-2B, central Alpine Fault, New Zealand
Author:Toy, Virginia Gail; Sutherland, Rupert; Townend, John; Allen, Michael J.; Becroft, Leeza; Boles, Austin; Boulton, Carolyn; Carpenter, Brett; Cooper, Alan; Cox, Simon C.; Daube, Christopher; Faulkner, Daniel R.; Halfpenny, Angela; Kato, Naoki; Keys, Stephen; Kirilova, Martina; Kometani, Yusuke; Little, Timothy; Mariani, Elisabetta; Melosh, Benjamin; Menzies, Catriona D.; Morales, Luiz; Morgan, Chance; Mori, Hiroshi; Niemeijer, Andre; Norris, Richard; Prior, David; Sauer, Katrina; Schleicher, Anja M.; Shigematsu, Norio; Teagle, Damon A. H.; Tobin, Harold; Valdez, Robert; Williams, Jack; Yeo, Samantha; Baratin, Laura-May; Barth, Nicolas; Benson, Adrian; Boese, Carolin; Celerier, Bernard; Chamberlain, Calum J.; Conze, Ronald; Coussens, Jamie; Craw, Lisa; Doan, Mai-Linh; Eccles, Jennifer; Grieve, Jason; Grochowski, Julia; Gulley, Anton; Howarth, Jamie; Jacobs, Katrina; Janku-Capova, Lucie; Jeppson, Tamara; Langridge, Robert; Mallyon, Deirdre; Marx, Ray; Massiot, Cecile; Mathewson, Loren; Moore, Josephine; Nishikawa, Osamu; Pooley, Brent; Pyne, Alex; Savage, Martha K.; Schmitt, Doug; Taylor-Offord, Sam; Upton, Phaedra; Weaver, Konrad C.; Wiersberg, Thomas; Zimmer, Martin; DFDP-2 Sci Team;

Extreme hydrothermal conditions at an active plate-bounding fault
NATURE,546(7656):137-+ 2017
Author:Sutherland, Rupert; Townend, John; Toy, Virginia; Upton, Phaedra; Coussens, Jamie; Allen, Michael; Baratin, Laura-May; Barth, Nicolas; Becroft, Leeza; Boese, Carolin; Boles, Austin; Boulton, Carolyn; Broderick, Neil G. R.; Janku-Capova, Lucie; Carpenter, Brett M.; Celerier, Bernard; Chamberlain, Calum; Cooper, Alan; Coutts, Ashley; Cox, Simon; Craw, Lisa; Mai-Linh Doan; Eccles, Jennifer; Faulkner, Dan; Grieve, Jason; Grochowski, Julia; Gulley, Anton; Hartog, Arthur; Howarth, Jamie; Jacobs, Katrina; Jeppson, Tamara; Kato, Naoki; Keys, Steven; Kirilova, Martina; Kometani, Yusuke; Langridge, Rob; Lin, Weiren; Little, Timothy; Lukacs, Adrienn; Mallyon, Deirdre; Mariani, Elisabetta; Massiot, Cecile; Mathewson, Loren; Melosh, Ben; Menzies, Catriona; Moore, Jo; Morales, Luiz; Morgan, Chance; Mori, Hiroshi; Niemeijer, Andre; Nishikawa, Osamu; Prior, David; Sauer, Katrina; Savage, Martha; Schleicher, Anja; Schmitt, Douglas R.; Shigematsu, Norio; Taylor-Offord, Sam; Teagle, Damon; Tobin, Harold; Valdez, Robert; Weaver, Konrad; Wiersberg, Thomas; Williams, Jack; Woodman, Nick; Zimmer, Martin;

Brucite as an important phase of the shallow mantle wedge: Evidence from the Shiraga unit of the Sanbagawa subduction zone, SW Japan
LITHOS,254:53-66 2016(Jun.)
Author:Kawahara, Hirokazu; Endo, Shunsuke; Wallis, Simon R.; Nagaya, Takayoshi; Mori, Hiroshi; Asahara, Yoshihiro;

緊急現地調査報告[2016年4月18日] (平成28年(2016年)熊本地震及び関連情報)
GSJ地質ニュース = GSJ chishitsu news,5(5):142-146 2016(May)
Author:白濱 吉起; 森 宏; 丸山 正; 吉見 雅行;

Characteristics of the surface ruptures associated with the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence, central Kyushu, Japan
Author:Shirahama, Yoshiki; Yoshimi, Masayuki; Awata, Yasuo; Maruyama, Tadashi; Azuma, Takashi; Miyashita, Yukari; Mori, Hiroshi; Imanishi, Kazutoshi; Takeda, Naoto; Ochi, Tadafumi; Otsubo, Makoto; Asahina, Daisuke; Miyakawa, Ayumu;

Recognition of shear heating on a long-lived major fault using Raman carbonaceous material thermometry: implications for strength and displacement history of the MTL, SW Japan
ISLAND ARC,24(4):425-446 2015(Dec.)
Author:Mori, Hiroshi; Wallis, Simon; Fujimoto, Koichiro; Shigematsu, Norio;

Graphitization of carbonaceous material in sedimentary rocks on short geologic time-scales: An example from the Kinsho-zan area, central Japan
ISLAND ARC,24(2):119-130 2015(Jun.)
Author:Mori, Natsumi; Wallis, Simon; Mori, Hiroshi;

土木学会論文集A1(構造・地震工学),71(4):I_21-I_31 2015
Author:竿本 英貴; 加瀬 祐子; 森 宏; 吉見 雅行; 堀川 晴央; 阿部 信太郎;
Abstract: 地震や累積的な断層運動は,地表に変位を生じさせる.この地表変位から地下の断層形状を推定することは,地震被害想定の観点からは重要な課題の一つである.断層形状を推定する従来手法として,バランス断面法とOkadaの食い違い理論に基づく手法がある.これらの手法は,褶曲が地表で確認できない場合や,共役断層を含む複数の断層が想定される場合には正確に断層形状を推定することは困難である場合が多い.本研究では以上の欠点を補う手法として,有限要素法と位相最適化手法を組み合わせた断層形状推定手法を新たに提案する.断層形状推定問題を最適化問題として定式化し,いくつかの計算例を通じて開発手法の精度検証を行った.結果,開発手法は一定以上の精度で断層形状を推定できることを確認した.
Keywords:active fault; topology; optimization; SIMP method; FEM;

活断層・古地震研究報告,(15):109-141 2015
Author:森 宏; 阿部 信太郎; 荒井 良祐;
Keywords:鴨川低地断層帯; 海域; 活断層; 反射法音波探査; Kamogawa-teichi fault zone; sea area; active fault; seismic reflection survey;

活断層・古地震研究報告,(15):143-177 2015
Author:森 宏; 阿部 信太郎; 荒井 良祐;
Keywords:三浦半島断層群; 海域; 活断層; 反射法音波探査; Miura-hanto fault group; sea area; active fault; seismic reflection survey;

A new approach to develop the Raman carbonaceous material geothermometer for low-grade metamorphism using peak width
ISLAND ARC,23(1):33-50 2014(Mar.)
Author:Kouketsu, Yui; Mizukami, Tomoyuki; Mori, Hiroshi; Endo, Shunsuke; Aoya, Mutsuki; Hara, Hidetoshi; Nakamura, Daisuke; Wallis, Simon;

Tectono-stratigraphy and low-grade metamorphism of Late Permian and Early Jurassic accretionary complexes within the Kurosegawa belt, Southwest Japan: Implications for mechanisms of crustal displacement within active continental margin
TECTONOPHYSICS,592:80-93 2013
Author:Hara, Hidetoshi; Kurihara, Toshiyuki; Mori, Hiroshi;

Internal structure of the Median Tectonic Line fault zone, SW Japan, revealed by borehole analysis
TECTONOPHYSICS,532:103-118 2012
Author:Shigematsu, Norio; Fujimoto, Koichiro; Tanaka, Nobuaki; Furuya, Naoto; Mori, Hiroshi; Wallis, Simon;

Lake shoreline deformation in Tibet and mid-crustal flow
ISLAND ARC,19(2):209-211 2010(Jun.)
Author:Wallis, Simon R.; Mori, Hiroshi; Ozawa, Kazuhiro; Mitsuishi, Mayumi; Shirakawa, Chie;

Large-scale folding in the Asemi-gawa region of the Sanbagawa Belt, southwest Japan
ISLAND ARC,19(2):357-370 2010(Jun.)
Author:Mori, Hiroshi; Wallis, Simon;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2017:- 2017
Author:志村 侑亮;常盤 哲也;竹内 誠;森 宏;山本 鋼志

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2017:- 2017
Author:重松 紀生;藤本 光一郎;亀高 正男;奥平 敬元;森 宏;ウォリス サイモン

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2017:- 2017
Author:貞本 和志;ウォリス サイモン;纐纈 佑衣;森 宏;永冶 方敬;石井 和彦

日本鉱物科学会年会講演要旨集 , 2011:- 2011(Sep. 05)
Author:遠藤 俊祐; 森 宏; 纐纈 佑衣; ウォリス サイモン;
Keywords:fluid undersaturation; Franciscan high-grade blocks; high-P; T metamorphism; hydrous Ca-Al silicates; retrogressive hydration;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2011:189-189 2011
Author:森 宏; ウォリス サイモン; 藤本 光一郎; 重松 紀生;
Keywords:剪断熱; 中央構造線; 三波川帯; ボーリングコア; ラマン分光分析; 炭質物; 熱計算;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2011:266-266 2011
Author:藤本 光一郎; 田中 伸明; 重松 紀生; 森 宏; ウォリス サイモン;
Keywords:中央構造線; 断層帯内部構造; 変形条件; 応力履歴; 脆性‐塑性遷移;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2011:414-414 2011
Author:森 宏; ウォリス サイモン;
Keywords:三波川帯; 汗見川; 大規模褶曲; 褶曲フェルゲンツ; 原岩層序; 延性変形;

日本鉱物科学会 , 日本鉱物科学会年会講演要旨集 , 2011:40-40 2011
Author:ウォリス サイモン; 森 宏; 小澤 和浩; 鷺谷 威; 中村 俊夫; 时 丕龙;
Abstract:チベット高地に点在する湖の周囲には数多くの湖段丘が分布する.湖の水位が下がると地殻を隆起させる浮力が生じる.隆起が起こるために中部地殻における岩石の流動も必要である.流動のタイムスケールは、湖の盆地の幾何学と中部地殻の粘性で決まる.盆地の形は既知であるので,粘性は段丘の隆起量及び隆起のかかった時間から導出できる. 段丘の隆起量は湖の中央が最大であり,一般に同じ段丘は場所によって中央からの距離が異なる.よって,湖の地盤の隆起が起こると段丘は緩やかに傾斜することになる.チベットで最大級の湖であるナムツォ湖周辺の段丘の高さをキネマティックGPSによる精密測量により決定し,段丘に付着したトゥファの14C年代測定を行った.その結果,ナムツォ地域の中部地殻は10^20 Pa s以上の粘性を持つという制約が得られた.一般的に予想されるチベット中部地殻における低粘性層の存在を再検討する必要が出てきた.
Keywords:チベット; キネマティックGPS; 14C年代; 中部地殻の粘性;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2011:266-266 2011
Author:藤本 光一郎; 田中 伸明; 重松 紀生; 森 宏; ウォリス サイモン;
Keywords:中央構造線; 断層帯内部構造; 変形条件; 応力履歴; 脆性‐塑性遷移;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2010:515-515 2010
Author:森 宏; ウォリス サイモン; 藤本 光一郎; 重松 紀生;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2009:198-198 2009
Author:重松 紀生; 藤本 光一郎; 田中 伸明; 古谷 直人; 木村 希生; 森 宏; ウォリス サイモン;
Keywords:ボーリングコア; 中央構造線; 脆性断層岩;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2009:451-451 2009
Author:鎌田 祥仁; 森岡 順子; 森 宏;

一般社団法人 日本地質学会 , 日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨 , 2009:500-500 2009
Author:森 宏; ウォリス サイモン;