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SUH Jeong Yong

Academic OrganizationTEL
Education and Research OrganizationInterdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research, Institute for Biomedical SciencesFAX
PositionProfessorMail Address
Address8304, Minamiminowa-Village, Kamiina-County 399-4598Web site


Academic Background
Ph.D. (Chemistry) , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea


Books, Articles, etc.
Structural Basis for Cell-Wall Recognition by Bacteriophage PBC5 Endolysin.
Structure.,27(9):1355-1365 2019(Sep. 03)
Author:Lee KO, Kong M, Kim I, Bai J, Cha S, Kim B, Ryu KS, Ryu S, Suh JY.

Anti-CRISPR AcrIIC3 discriminates between Cas9 orthologs via targeting the variable surface of the HNH nuclease domain.
FEBS J.,:15037 2019(Aug. 07)
Author:Kim Y, Lee SJ, Yoon HJ, Kim NK, Lee BJ, Suh JY.

Mechanism Underlying Green Discolouration of Myoglobin Induced by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma.
Sci. Rep.,8(8):9790 2018(Jun. 28)
Author:Yong HI, Han M, Kim HJ, Suh JY, Jo C.

Facilitated Protein Association via Engineered Target Search Pathways Visualized by Paramagnetic NMR Spectroscopy.
Structure.,26(6):887-893 2018(Jun. 05)
Author:An SY, Kim EH, Suh JY.

The transgenic chicken derived anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies exhibits greater anti-cancer therapeutic potential with enhanced Fc effector functions.
Biomaterials.,167:58-68 2018(Jun.)
Author:Kim YM, Park JS, Kim SK, Jung KM, Hwang YS, Han M, Lee HJ, Seo HW, Suh JY, Han BK, Han JY.

Chicken NANOG self-associates via a novel folding-upon-binding mechanism.
FASEB J.,32(5):2563-2573 2018(May)
Author:Choi HJ, Kim I, Lee HJ, Park YH, Suh JY, Han JY.

Solution structure and dynamics of anti-CRISPR AcrIIA4, the Cas9 inhibitor.
Sci Rep.,8(1):3883 2018(Mar. 01)
Author:Kim I, Jeong M, Ka D, Han M, Kim NK, Bae E, Suh JY.

CRISPR RNA and anti-CRISPR protein binding to the Xanthomonas albilineans Csy1-Csy2 heterodimer in the type I-F CRISPR-Cas system.
J Biol Chem.,293(8):2744-2754 2018(Feb. 23)
Author:Hong S, Ka D, Yoon SJ, Suh N, Jeong M, Suh JY, Bae E.

Crystal structure of an anti-CRISPR protein, AcrIIA1.
Nucleic Acids Res.,46(1):485-492 2018(Jan. 09)
Author:Ka D, An SY, Suh JY, Bae E.

Solution structure and dynamics of Xanthomonas albilineans Cas2 provide mechanistic insight on nuclease activity.
FEBS Lett.,592(1):147-155 2018(Jan.)
Author:Jeong M, Kim I, Kim G, Ka D, Kim NK, Bae E, Ryu KS, Suh JY.

Precise gene editing of chicken Na+/H+ exchange type 1 (chNHE1) confers resistance to avian leukosis virus subgroup J (ALV-J).
Dev Comp Immunol.,77:340-349 2017(Dec.)
Author:Lee HJ, Lee KY, Jung KM, Park KJ, Lee KO, Suh JY, Yao Y, Nair V, Han JY.

Dimerization facilitates the conformational transitions for bacterial phosphotransferase enzyme I autophosphorylation in an allosteric manner.
FEBS Open Bio.,7(8):1208-1216 2017(Jul. 17)
Author:Lee KO, Yun YJ, Kim I, Suh JY.