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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of EngineeringTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Engineering Electrical and Computer EngineeringFAX
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Assigned Class
Graduate School, Division of Science and Technology
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Research Field
machine learning
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Academic Background
The University of Tokyo , (Faculty of Engineering) , 1982

Ph.D (Engineering) , University of Tokyo
2008 , 8th IAPR Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS2008)  Best Paper Award Honorable Mention
Research Career
Research Career
2010- , Professor, Shinshu Univ
1990-1991 , Artificial Intelligence Lab., MIT visiting scientist
1982-1996 , Central Research Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.


Books, Articles, etc.
朝倉書店 2000

Efficient Pixel-wise SVD Required for Image Processing Using the Color Line Feature
IEEE Access,9:79449 - 79460 2021
Author:Keiichiro Shirai, Yuya Ito, Hidetoshi Miyao and Minoru Maruyama

A user interface using a spiral representation for image retrieval on a mobile terminal
Proc. 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Computer Human Interaction (APCHI2012),:625-626 2012
Author:H.Yamamoto, H.Miyao and M.Maruyama

Character Type Classification via Probabilistic Topic Model
International Journal of Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,Vol.5(No.2):123-140 2012
Author:Takuma Yamaguchi and Minoru Maruyama

A tabletop-based real-world-oriented interface
Proc. 14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII-2011),:133-139 2011
Author:Hiroshi Takeda, Hidetoshi Miyao, Minoru Maruyama and David Asano

Writer adaptation for online handwriting recognition system using virtual examples
Proc.10th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR2009),:1156-1160 2009
Author:Hidetoshi Miyao and Minoru Maruyama

Extraction of characters on signboards in natural scene images by stump classifiers
Proc.10th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR2009),:1365-1369 2009
Author:Minoru Maruyama and Takuma Yamaguchi

電子情報通信学会論文誌 D,J92-D(6):876-887 2009
Author:山口拓真, 丸山稔

Feature extraction for document image segmentation by pLSA model
Proc. 8th International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS2008),:53-60 2008
Author:Takuma Yamaguchi and Minoru Maruyama

Image categorization by a classifier based on probabilistic topic model
Proc. 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR-2008),:1-4 2008
Author:Takuma Yamaguchi and Minoru Maruyama

情報処理学会論文誌 数理モデル化と応用,1(1):175-184 2008

An online handwritten music symbol recognition system
International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition,9(1):49-58 2007
Author:Hidetoshi Miyao and Minoru Maruyama

A fast rendering method for a scene with participating media of anisotropic scattering property
Proc. Computer Graphics International 2005 (CGI2005),:227-233 2005
Author:Yusuke Tokuyoshi and Minoru Maruyama

情報処理学会論文誌,46(11):2795-2803 2005
Author:徳吉雄介, 丸山稔

階層型識別器を用いた情景画像からの文字抽出手法(画像認識, コンピュータビジョン)
電子情報通信学会論文誌. D-II, 情報・システム, II-パターン処理,J88-DII(6):1047-1055 2005
Author:山口拓磨, 丸山稔

Digit recognition in a natural scene with skew and slant normalization
International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition,7(2+3):168-177 2005
Author:Takuma Yamaguchi, Minoru Maruyama, Hidetoshi Miyao, and Yasuaki Nakano

A method to make multiple hypotheses with high cumulative recognition rate using SVMs
Pattern Recognition,37(2):241-251 2004(Feb.)
Author:K.Maruyama, H.Miyao, Y.Nakano

A fast HMM algorithm based on stroke lengths for on-line recognition of handwritten music scores
Proc. 9th IWFHR 2004,:521-526 2004
Author:Youichi Mitobe, Hidetoshi Miyao and Minoru Maruyama

Character extraction from natural scene images by hierarchical classifiers
Proc. ICPR 2004,2:687-690 2004
Author:Takuma Yamaguchi and Minoru Maruyama

情報処理学会論文誌[テクニカルノート],44(8):2270-2273 2003(Aug.)
Author:丸山健一、丸山 稔、宮尾秀俊、中野康明

Digit classification on signboards for telephone numbers recognition
Proc. ICDAR 2003,:359-363 2003
Author:T.Yamaguchi, H.Miyao, Y.Nakano

情報処理学会論文誌,43(12):4051-4058 2002(Dec.)
Author:西村広光、堤 正義、丸山 稔、宮尾秀俊、中野康明

Hand-printed hiragana-recognition by support vector machines
Proc. IWFHR-2002,:55-60 2002
Author:K.Maruyama, Y.Naknao

Off-line hand-written character recognition using integrated 1D HMMs based on feature extraction filters
Proc. ICDAR 2001,:417-421 2001
Author:H.Nishimura, M.Tsutsumi, H.Miyao, Y.Nakano

電子情報通信学会論文誌,J82-DII(9):1429-1434 1999(Sep.)

Off-line character recognition using HMM by multiple directional feature extraction and voting with bagging algorithm
Proc. ICDAR '99 1999
Author:H.Nishimura, M.Kobayashi, Y.Nakano

Bidirectional optimization for reconstructing 3D shape from an image sequence with missing data
Proc. ICIP'99,:27AO2-1 1999
Author:Minoru Maruyama and Satoshi Kurumi

情報処理学会論文誌,39(5):1365-1372 1998(May)

電子情報通信学会論文誌,D-II(J81-DII):331-341 1998(Feb.)

Face recognition by bi-directional view synthesis
Proc. ICPR'98,:157-159 1998
Author:共著 S.Asano, Y.Nakano


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Image Processing
Introduction to Deep Learning