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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Medicine and Health Sciences Institute of MedicineTEL
Education and Research OrganizationInterdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research, Institute for Biomedical Sciences , Department of Advanced Medicine for Health PromotionFAX
PositionAssociateProfessorMail Address
Address3-1-1 Asahi, MatsumotoWeb site



Academic Background
Graduate School
Kyoto UniversityGraduate School of Medicine , 1993
Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture , 1988

Kyoto University , (Faculty of Agriculture) , 1986

Doctor of Medicine , Kyoto University


Books, Articles, etc.
Genetics and transmission of mouse systemic amyloidosis, Biophysical Inquiry into Protein Aggregation and Amyloid Diseases , 253-267
Research SignPost 2008
Author:Higuchi, K., Fu, X., Zhang, B., Sawashita J, Mori, M.

Amyloidosis in the transgenic mice of mouse amyloidgenic apolipoprotein A-II (Apoa2C), XIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis , 143-145
CRC Press 2007
Author:Higuchi, K., Ge, F., Fu, X., Yao, J., Zhan, B., Zhan, H., Qian, J., Sawashita, J., Mori, M.

Mouse senile amyloidosis: possible horizontal transmission in the mouse room, XIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis , 10-12
CRC Press 2007
Author:Fu, X., Korenaga, T., Yan, J., Ge, F., Zhan, B., Qian, J., Naiki, H., Sawashita, J., Mori, M., Higuchi, K.

Transmission of Mouse AApoAII Amyloidosis from Mother to Pups. Grateau G, Kyle RA, Skinner eds: Amyloid and Amyloidosis, pp 457-459
CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2005
Author:Korenaga T, Fu X, Mori M, Sawashita J, Naiki H, Matsushita T, Higuchi K

Transmission of Mouse AApoAII Amyloidosis by the Amyloid Fibrils; Inhibitory Effects on Transmission by the Denaturation/Degradation of Amyloid FibrilsGrateau G, Kyle RA, Skinner M eds: Amyloid and Amyloidosis, pp 457-459
CRC Press, Boca Raton 2005
Author:Sawashita J, Zhang H, Fu X, Korenaga T, Mori M, Higuchi K

SAM(老化促進モデルマウス), 森脇和郎,山村研一,米川博通編:モデル動物の作製と維持 , pp 929-936
エル・アイ・シー,東京 2004
Author:樋口京一,森 政之

Induction of AApoAⅡ and AA amyloidosis by the injection of various amyloid fibrils, Nomura Y, Takeda T, Okuma Y ed.: The Senescence-Accelerated Mouse(SAM): An animal model of senescence, pp 383-386
Elsevier, Amsterdam 2004
Author:Fu X, Korenaga T, Xing Y, Fu L, Guo Z, Matsushita T, Hosokawa M, Naiki H, Mori M, Higuchi K

Genetic monitoring system for SAM strains utilizing DNA markers, Nomura Y, Takeda T, Okuma Y ed.: The Senescence-Accelerated Mouse(SAM): An animal model of senescence, pp 187-190
Elsevier, Amsterdam 2004
Author:Mori M, Higuchi K

Mouse senile amyloidosis in the SAM model, Nomura Y, Takeda T, Okuma Y ed.: The Senescence-Accelerated Mouse(SAM): An animal model of senescence, pp 35-40
Elsevier, Amsterdam 2004
Author:Higuchi K, Xing Y, Fu X, Korenaga T, Guo Z, Nakamura A, Mori M

モデル動物の作製と維持, 929-936
エル・アイ・シー,東京 2004

老年医学テキスト, 17-19
メジカルビュー社 2003

Curcumin promotes AApoAII amyloidosis and peroxisome proliferation in mice by activating the PPARα signaling pathway
eLife,10:e63538 2021
Author:Dai J., Li Y., Kametani F., Cui X., Igarashi Y., Huo J., Miyahara H., Mori M., Higuchi K.

ファルマシア,56(11):1004-1008 2020
Author:樋口京一, 森 政之

Suppression of mouse AApoAII amyloidosis progression by daily supplementation with oxidative stress inhibitors.
,:1263274 2019
Author:Dai J., Ding X., Miyahara H., Xu Z., Cui X., Igarashi Y., Sawashita J., Mori M., Higuchi K.

Coenzyme Q10 prevents senescence and dysfunction caused by oxidative stress in vascular endothelial cells
Oxid. Med. Cell. Longev.,2018:3181759 2018
Author:Huo J., Xu Z., Hosoe K., Kubo H., Miyahara H., Dai J., Mori M., Sawashita J., Higuchi K.

Amyloidosis-inducing activity of blood cells in mouse AApoAII amyloidosis
Exp. Anim.,67(2):105-115 2018
Author:Ding X., Liu Y., Yang M., Li L., Miyahara H., Dai J., Xu Z., Matsumoto K., Mori M., Higuchi K., Sawashita J.

Apolipoprotein A-II induces acute-phase response associated AA amyloidosis in mice through conformational changes of plasma lipoprotein structure
Sci. Rep.,81(1):5620 2018
Author:Yang M., Liu Y., Dai J., Li L., Ding X., Xu Z., Mori M., Miyahara H., Sawashita J., Higuchi K.

Comprehensive proteomic profiles of mouse AApoAII amyloid fibrils provide insights into the involvement of lipoproteins in the pathology of amyloidosis
J. Proteomics,172:111-121 2018
Author:Miyahara H., Sawashita J., Ishikawa E., Yang M., Ding X., Liu Y., Hachiya N., Kametani F., Yazaki M., Mori M., Higuchi K.

Coenzyme Q10 improves lipid metabolism and ameliorates obesity by regulating CaMKII-mediated PDE4 inhibition.
Sci. Rep.,7(1):8253 2017
Author:Xu Z., Huo J., Ding X., Yang M., Li L., Dai J., Hosoe K., Kubo H., Mori M., Higuchi K., Sawashita J.

Apolipoprotein A-II accelerates reactive AA amyloidosis
Amyloid,24:147-148 2017
Author:Yang Mu, Liu Y, Li L, Miyahara H, Ding X, Dai J, Sawashita J, Mori M, Higuchi K

Caloric restriction reduces the systemic progression of mouse AApoAII amyloidosis
PLoS ONE,12:e0172402 2017
Author:Li L, Ding X, Yang M, Xu Z, Miyahara H, Mori M, Higuchi K

The factors affecting adherence to a long-term interval walking training program in middle-aged and older people
J. Appl. Physiol. 118(5):,118(5):595-603 2015
Author:Masuki S., Mori M., Tabara Y., Sakurai A., Hashimoto S., Morikawa M., Miyagawa K., Sumiyoshi E., Miki T., Higuchi K., Nose H., Shinshu University Genetic Research Consortium

Extracellular deposition of mouse senile AApoAII amyloid fibrils induced different unfolded protein responses in the liver, kidney and heart
Lab. Invest.,95(3):320-333 2015
Author:Luo H., Sawashita J., Tian G., Liu Y., Li L., Ding X., Xu Z., Yang M., Miyahara H., Mori M., Qian J., Wang Y., Higuchi K.

C-terminal sequence of amyloid-resistant type F apolipoprotein A-II inhibits amyloid fibril formation of apolipoprotein A-II in mice
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.,112(8):E836-E845 2015
Author:Sawashita J., Zhang B., Hasegawa K., Mori M., Naiki H., Kametani F., Higuchi K.

A nonsense nucleotide substitution in the oculocutaneous albinism II gene underlies the original pink-eyed dilution allele (Oca2p) in mice
Exp. Anim.,64(2):171-179 2015
Author:Shoji H., Kiniwa Y., Okuyama R., Yang M., Higuchi K., Mori M.

AA amyloidosis-resistant CE/J mice have Saa1 and Saa2 genes that encode an identical SAA isoform
Author:Mori, M; Tiang, G; Higuchi, K

A novel frame-shift mutation in Slc5a2 encoding SGLT2 in a strain of Senescence-Accelerated Mouse SAMP10
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,451(1):89-94 2014
Author:Unno K., Yamamoto H., Toda M., Hagiwara S., Iguchi K., Hoshino M., Takabayashi F., Shimada A., Hosokawa M., Higuchi K., Mori M.

Ubiquinol-10 supplementation activates mitochondria functions to decelerate senescence in senescence accelerated mice.
Antioxid. Redox Signal.,20(16):2606-2620 2014
Author:Tian G., Sawashita J., Kubo H., Nishio S., Hashimoto S., Suzuki N., Yoshimura G., Tsuruoka M., Wang Y., Liu Y., Luo H., Xu Z., Mori M., Kitano M., Hosoe K., Takeda T., Usami S., Higuchi K.

AA amyloidosis-resistant CE/J mice have Saa1 and Saa2 genes that encode an identical SAA isoform
Amyloid,21(1):1-8 2014
Author:Mori M., Tian G., Higuchi K.

Diversity and complexity of the mouse Saa1 and Saa2 genes
Exp. Anim.,63(1):99-106 2014
Author:Mori M., Tian G., Ishikawa A., Higuchi K.

Specific mtDNA Mutations in Mouse Carcinoma Cells Suppress Their Tumor Formation via Activation of the Host Innate Immune System
PLOS ONE,8(9):UNSP e75981 2013(Sep.)
Author:Imanishi, H; Takibuchi, G; Kobayashi, T; Ishikawa, K; Nakada, K; Mori, M; Kikkawa, Y; Takenaga, K; Toyama-Sorimachi, N; Hayashi, JI

Exome sequencing of senescence-accelerated mice (SAM) reveals deleterious mutations in degenerative disease-causing genes
BMC GENOMICS,14:248 2013(Apr.)
Author:Tanisawa, K; Mikami, E; Fuku, N; Honda, Y; Honda, S; Ohsawa, I; Ito, M; Endo, S; Ihara, K; Ohno, K; Kishimoto, Y; Ishigami, A; Maruyama, N; Sawabe, M; Iseki, H; Okazaki, Y; Hasegawa-Ishii, S; Takei, S; Shimada, A; Hosokawa, M; Mori, M; Higuchi, K; Takeda, T; Higuchi, M; Tanaka, M

Hereditary cataract of the Nakano mouse: Involvement of a hypomorphic mutation in the coproporphyrinogen oxidase gene
Author:Mori, M; Gotoh, S; Taketani, S; Hiai, H; Higuchi, K

An interleukin-33 gene polymorphism is a modifier for eosinophilia in rats
GENES AND IMMUNITY,14(3):192-197 2013
Author:Luo, H; Higuchi, K; Matsumoto, K; Mori, M

Nuclear but Not Mitochondrial DNA Involvement in Respiratory Complex I Defects Found in Senescence-Accelerated Mouse Strain, SAMP8
Experimental Animals,60(4):397-404 2011(Jul. 01)
Author:IMANISHI Hirotake,YOKOTA Mutsumi,MORI Masayuki,SHIMIZU Akinori,NAKADA Kazuto,HAYASHI Jun-Ichi,今西 泰赳,中田 和人,林 純一

Genes for Difference in Eosinophilic Phenotype between MES and BN.MES-Cyba(mes) Rats Are on Chromosomes 9, 5, and 1
Experimental Animals,60(2):151-160 2011(Apr.)
Author:Tomozawa, Hiroshi; Nishio, Ayako; Higuchi, Keiichi; Matsumoto, Kiyoshi; Mori, Masayuki

ApoA-I deficiency in mice is associated with redistribution of apoA-II and aggravated AApoAII amyloidosis
Journal of Lipid Research,52(8):1461-1470 2011
Author:Wang Yaoyong, Sawashita Jinko, Qian Jinze, Zhang Beiru, Fu Xiaying, Tian Geng, Chen Lei, Mori Masayuki, Higuchi Keiichi

BN.MES-Cyba(mes) Congenic Rats Manifest Focal Necrosis with Eosinophilic Infiltration in the Liver without Blood Eosinophilia
Experimental Animals,59(4):469-478 2010(Jun.)
Author:Tomozawa, Hiroshi; Nishio, Ayako; Okuhara, Yuji; Higuchi, Keiichi; Matsumoto, Kiyoshi; Mori, Masayuki

Mouse Senile Amyloid Fibrils Deposited in Skeletal Muscle Exhibit Amyloidosis-Enhancing Activity
PLOS PATHOGENS,6(5) 2010(May)
Author:Qian, Jinze; Yan, Jingmin; Ge, Fengxia; Zhang, Beiru; Fu, Xiaoying; Tomozawa, Hiroshi; Sawashita, Jinko; Mori, Masayuki; Higuchi, Keiichi

The reduced form of Coenzyme Q10 mediates distinct effects on cholesterol metabolism at the transcriptional and metabolite level in SAMP1 mice
IUBMB Life,62(11):812-818 2010
Author:Schmelzer Constance, Okun Jürgen G., Haas Dorothea, Higuchi Keiichi, Sawashita Jinko, Mori Masayuki, Döring Frank

Mouse model to study human Aβ2M amyloidosis: Generation of a transgenic mouse with excessive expression of human β2-microglobulin
Amyloid,17(2):50-62 2010
Author:Zhang Pengyao, Fu Xiaying, Sawashita Jinko, Yao Junjie, Zhang Beiru, Qian Jinze, Tomozawa Hiroshi, Mori Masayuki, Ando Yukio, Naiki Hironobu, Higuchi Keiichi

Supplementation with the reduced form of Coenzyme Q10 decelerates phenotypic characteristics of senescence and induces a PPAR-α gene expression signature in SAMP1 mice
Molecular Nutrition&Food Research,54(6):805-815 2010
Author:Schmelzer Constance, Kubo Hiroshi, Mori Masayuki, Sawashita Jinko, Kitano Mitsuaki, Hosoe Kazunori, Boomgaarden Inka, Döring Frank, Higuchi Keiichi

Hereditary pancreatitis model WBN/Kob rat strain has a unique haplotype in the Pdwk1 region on chromosome 7
Experimental Animals,58(4):409-413 2009(Jun.)
Author:Mori, M., Fu, X., Chen, L., Zhang, G., Matsumoto, K., Higuchi,K.

Dysfunction in ABCB1A has only a weak effect on susceptibility to dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in SAM strains
Experimental Animals,58(4):421-425 2009
Author:Zhang, G., Fu, X., Takeda, T., Higuchi, K., Mori, M.

Genetic basis of inter-individual variability in the effects of exercise on the alleviation of lifestyle-related diseases
Journal of Physiology,587(23):5577-5584 2009
Author:Mori, M., Higuchi, K., Sakurai, A., Tabara, Y., Miki, T., Nose, H.

Amyloid fibrils formed by selective N-, C-terminal sequences of mouse apolipoprotein A-II
Biochim. Biophys. Acta,1794(10):1517-1529 2009
Author:Sawashita, J., Kametani, F., Hasegawa, K., Tsutsumi-Yasuhara, S., Zhang, B., Yan, J., Mori, M., Naiki, H., Higuchi, K.

Eosinophilia in the MES rat strain is caused by a loss-of-function mutation in the gene for cytochrome b(-245), alpha polypeptide (Cyba)
J. Leukoc. Biol.,86(3):473-478 2009
Author:Mori, M., Li, G., Hashimoto, M., Nishio, A., Tomozawa, H., Suzuki, N., Usami, S., Higuchi, K., Matsumoto, K.

Effect of Dietary Unsaturated Fatty Acids on Senile Amyloidosis in Senescence-Accelerated Mice
Author:Umezawa, M; Higuchi, K; Mori, M; Matushita, T; Hosokawa, M

Dementia Japan,22:207-214 2008
Author:樋口 京一, 張 蓓茹, 宇根有美, 亀谷富由樹, 澤下仁子, 森 政之

Senescence-Accelerated Mouse (SAM) strains have a spontaneous mutation in the Abcb1a gene
Experimental Animals,57:413-417 2008
Author:Zhang, G., Zhang, B., Fu, X., Tomozawa, H., Matsumoto, K., Higuchi, K., Mori, M.

Fecal transmission of AA amyloidosis in the cheetah contributes to high incidence of disease
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.,105:7263-7268 2008
Author:Zhang, B., Une, Y., Fu, X., Ge, F., Ya,o J., Sawashita, J., Mori, M., Tomozawa, H., Kametani, F., Higuchi, K.

Characterization of the cheetah serum amyloid A1 gene: critical role and functional polymorphism of a cis-acting element
J. Hered.,99:355-363 2008
Author:Zhang, B., Une, Y., Ge, F., Fu, X., Qian, J., Zhang, P., Sawashita, J., Higuchi, K., Mori, M.

Cross-seeding and cross-competition in mouse apolipoprotein A-II amyloid fibrils (AApoAII) and protein A amyloid fibrils (AA)
Am. J. Pathol.,171:172-180 2007
Author:Yan, J., Fu, X., Ge, F., Zhang, B., Yao, J., Zhang, H., Qian, J., Tomozawa, H., Naiki, H., Sawashita, J., Mori, M., Higuchi, K.

Amyloidosis in transgenic mice expressing murine amyloidogenic apolipoprotein (Apoa2c)
Lab. Invest.,87:633-643 2007
Author:Ge, F., Yao, J., Fu, X., Guo, Z., Yan, J., Zhang, B., Zhang, H., Tomozawa, H., Miyazaki, J., Sawashita, J., Mori, M., Higuchi, K.

Quantitative trait locus that determines the cross-sectional shape of the femur in SAMP6 and SAMP2 mice
J. Bone Miner. Res.,J. Bone Miner. Res.:675-685 2007
Author:Otsuki, B., Matsumura, T., Shimizu, M., Mori, M., Okudaira, S., Nakanishi, R., Higuchi, K., Hosokawa, M., Tsuboyama, T., Nakamura, T.

Functional polymorphisms of the Lss and Fdft1 genes in laboratory rats
Experimental Animals,56:93-101 2007
Author:Mori, M., Sawashita, J., Higuchi, K.

Mouse senile amyloidosis: Possible horizontal transmission in the mouse room
Author:Fu, X; Korenaga, T; Yan, J; Ge, F; Zhang, B; Qian, J; Naiki, H; Sawashita, J; Mori, M; Higuchi, K

Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 4 is a negative regulator of peak BMD in SAMP6 mice
J. Bone Mineral Res.,21:1713-1721 2006
Author:Nakanishi, R., Shimizu, M., Mori, M., Akiyama, H., Otsuki, B., Okudaira, S., Hashimoto, M., Higuchi, K., Tsuboyama, T., Nakamura, T

Reduced coenzyme Q10 supplementation decelerates senescence in SAMP1 mice
Experimental Gerontology,41(2):130-140 2006
Author:Yan J., Fujii K., Yao J., Kishida H., Hosoe K., Sawashita J., Takeda T., Mori M., Higuchi K.

Lanosterol synthase mutations cause cholesterol deficiency-associated cataracts in the Shumiya cataract rat
Journal of Clinical Investigation,116(2):395-404 2006
Author:Mori M., Li G., Abe I., Nakayama J., Guo Z., Sawashita J., Ugawa T., Nishizono S., Serikawa T., Higuchi K., Shumiya S.

Transmission of amyloidosis in offspring of mice with AApoAII amyloidosis
American Journal of Pathology,168(3):898-906 2006
Author:Korenaga T., Yan J., Sawashita J., Matsushita T., Naiki H., Hosokawa M., Mori M., Higuchi K., Fu X.

Transmissibility of mouse AApoAII amyloid fibrils: inactivation by physical and chemical methods
FASEB Journal,20(7):1012-1014 2006
Author:Zhang H., Sawashita J., Fu X., Korenaga T., Yan J., Mori M., Higuchi K.

A third locus for eosinophilia on chromosome 1 ofthe MES rats
Experimental Animals,55(5):497-500 2006
Author:Mori M., Higuchi K., Matsumoto K.

Analysis of murine chromosomes 11 and 13 loci that control peak bone mass
BONE,36:S398-S399 2005
Author:Shimizu, M; Nakanishi, R; Otsuki, B; Nakamura, T; Hosokawa, M; Mori, M; Higuchi, K; Tsuboyama, T

A locus for eosinophilia in the MES rat is on chromosome 19
Mammalian Genome,16(7):516-523 2005
Author:Li G., Guo Z., Higuchi K., Kawakubo M., Matsumoto K., Mori M.

An allele-specific genotyping method for rat Lyst (lysosomal trafficking regulator) gene
Experimental Animals,53(1):77-80 2004
Author:Masui N., Mori M., Nishikawa T., Takagi Y., Asai H., Yanabe M., Yamasaki K., Serikawa T., Sato K.

Induction of AApoAII amyloidosis by various heterogeneous amyloid fibrils
FEBS Letter,563(1-3):179-184 2004
Author:Fu X., Korenaga T., Fu L., Xing Y., Guo Z., Matsushita T., Hosokawa M., Naiki H., Baba S., Kawata Y., Ikeda S., Ishihara T., Mori M., Higuchi K.

Tissue distribution, biochemical properties, and transmission of mouse type A AApoAII amyloid fibrils
American Journal of Pathology,164(5):1597-1606 2004
Author:Korenaga T., Fu X., Xing Y., Matsusita T., Kuramoto K., Shumiya S., Hasegawa K., Naiki H., Ueno M., Ishihara T., Hosokawa M., Mori M., Higuchi K.

Mouse testis transcriptome revealed using serial analysis of gene expression
Mammalian Genome,15(6):433-451 2004
Author:Yao J., Chiba T., Sakai J., Hirose K., Yamamoto M., Hada A., Kuramoto K., Higuchi K., Mori M.

Establishment of a set of combined immunodeficient DA/Slc-Foxn1rnu Lystbg congenic rat strains
Experimental Animals,53(5):399-407 2004
Author:Masui N., Nishikawa T., Takagi Y., Kimura H., Mori M., Yokose S., Asai H., Yanabe M., Sato K.

Polymorphisms of mouse apolipoprotein A-II: seven alleles found among 41 inbred strains of mice
Amyloid,10(4):207-214 2003
Author:Kitagawa K., Wang J., Matsushita T., Kogishi K., Hosokawa M., Fu X., Guo Z., Mori M., Higuchi K.

Spontaneous hypomorphic mutations in antioxidant enzymes of mice
Free Radical Biology&Medicine,35(12):1645-1652 2003
Author:Guo Z., Higuchi K., Mori M.

Amyloidosis modifier genes in less amyloidogenic A/J mouse strain
Laboratory Investigation,83(11):1605-1613 2003
Author:Guo Z., Mori M., Fu X., Yao J., Xing Y., Korenaga T., Li G., Matsushita T., Hosokawa M., Higuchi K.

The rat lysosomal trafficking regulator (Lyst) gene is mapped on the telomeric region of chromosome 17
Experimental Animals,52(1):89-91 2003
Author:Masui N., Nishikawa T., Takagi Y., MoriM., Suzuki T., Sato K.

Quantitative trait locus analysis of serum insulin triglyceride, total cholesterol and phospholipid levels in the (SM/J x A/J)F2 mice
Experimental Animals,52(1):37-42 2003
Author:Anunciad RVP., Nishimura M., Mori M., Ishikawa A., Tanaka S., Horio F., Ohno T., Namikawa T.

A new beige mutant rat ACI/N-Lystbg-Kyo
Experimental Animals,52(1):32-36 2003
Author:Mori M., Yamasaki K., NakanishiS., Kitada K., Higuchi K., Namiki C., Hamada S., Serikawa T.

信州医学雑誌,51(2):105-106 2003
Author:森 政之

遺伝子医学別冊「これだけは知っておきたい遺伝子医学の基礎知識」,:154-158 2003
Author:森 政之, 芹川忠夫

Induction of protein conformational change in mouse senile amyloidosis
Journal of Biological Chemistry,277(36):33164-33169 2002
Author:Xing Y., Nakamura A., Korenaga T., Guo Z., Yao J., Fu X., Matsushita T., Kogish K., Hosokawa M., Kametani F., Mori M., Higuchi K.

A congenic mouse and candidate gene at the chr 13 locus regulating bone density
Mammalian Genome,13(7):335-340 2002
Author:Shimizu M., Higuchi K., Tsuboyama T., Matsushita M., Kasai S., Matsuura T., Okudaira S., Mori M., Koizumi A., Nakamura T., Hosokawa M.

Molecular Medicine,39(5):528-533 2002
Author:森 政之, 樋口京一

別冊・医学のあゆみ 免疫疾患-state of arts ver. 2,:303-306 2002
Author:森 政之

老化疾患モデル ーマウス
現代医療,34(2):37-42 2002
Author:森 政之, 樋口京一

Extrahepatic expression of apolipoprotein A-II in mouse tissues: Possible contribution to mouse senile amyloidosis
Author:Fu, L; Matsuyama, I; Chiba, T; Xing, YM; Korenaga, T; Guo, ZJ; Fu, XY; Nakayama, J; Mori, M; Higuchi, K

Transmission of mouse senile amyloidosis
Author:Xing, YM; Nakamura, A; Chiba, T; Korenaga, T; Kogishi, K; Matsushita, T; Fu, L; Guo, ZJ; Hosokawa, M; Mori, M; Higuchi, K

Chromosome 13 locus, pbd2, regulates bone density in mice
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research,16:1972-1982 2001
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Quantitative trait loci for body weight in the intercross between SM/J and A/J mice
Experimental Animals,50(4):319-324 2001
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基礎老化研究,25(2):77-82 2001
Author:森 政之, 樋口京一

Unique mutations in mitochondrial DNA of Senescence-Accelerated Mouse (SAM) strains
Journal of Heredity,92(4):352-355 2001
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Extra-hepatic expression of apolipoprotein A-II in mouse tissues: Possible contribution to mouse senile amyloidosis
Journal of Histochemitry and Cytochemistry,49(6):739-748 2001
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Transmission of mouse senile amyloidosis
Laboratory Investigation,81(4):493-499 2001
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Quantitative trait locus analysis for chronic pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus in the WBN/Kob rat
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Free Radical Biology&Medicine,30(10):1130-1136 2001
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臨床検査,45(7):754-757 2001
Author:森 政之

BIO Clinica,16(9):57-61 2001
Author:樋口京一, 森 政之

Wild type ApoA-II gene does not rescue senescence-accelerated mouse (SAMP1) from short life span and accelerated mortality
Author:Wang, J; Matsushita, T; Kogishi, K; Xia, C; Ohta, A; Chiba, T; Nakamura, A; Kondo, H; Mori,M; Hosokawa, M; Higuchi, K

ApoA-II gene does not rescue Senescence-Accelerated Mouse (SAMP1) from short life span and accelerated mortality
Journal of Gerontology. B Biological Science,55A(9):B432-B439 2000
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Distribution of body weight, blood insulin and lipid levels in the SMXA recombinant inbred strains and the QTL analysis
Experimental Animals,49(3):217-224 2000
Author:Anunciado RVP., Ohno T., Mori M., Ishikawa A., Tanaka S., Horio F., Nishimura M., Namikawa T.

Genetic analysis of lifespan in hybrid progeny derived from the SAMP1 mouse strain with accelerated senescence
Mechanism of Ageing and Development,118(1-2):35-44 2000
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Deletion in the beige gene of the beige rat owing to recombination between LINE1s
Mammalian Genome,10(7):692-695 1999
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Genetic profile of the SMXA recombinant inbred mouse strains revealed with restriction landmark genomic scanning
Mammalian Genome,9(9):695-709 1998
Author:Mori M., Akiyoshi S., Mizuno Y., Okuizumi H., Okazaki Y., Hayashizaki Y., Nishimura M

アニテックス,10(2):25-29 1998
Author:森 政之, 西村正彦, 西川 哲