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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of Textile Science and TechnologyTEL0268-21-5346
Education and Research OrganizationGraduate School of Medicine, Science and TechnologyFAX0268-21-5346
Address3-15-1 Tokita, Ueda, Nagano 386-8567, JAPANWeb site



Assigned Class
Graduate School, Division of Science and Technology
Research Field
Molecular biology
Academic Background
Graduate School
Osaka University , (Graduate School, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences) , 1983

Osaka University , (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science) , 1978

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science


Books, Articles, etc.
日刊工業新聞社 , はじめて学ぶ繊維 2011

工業調査会 , はじめて学ぶ繊維 2008

Recogunitoin model of uracil residues in DNA by AP endonuclease from Methanothermobacter thermatotrophicus
Photon Factory Activity Report,2012:#30 B 2013
Author:N. Tabata, T. Kodera, R. Arai, and T. Shida

CD81and CD9 work independently as extracellular components upon fusion of sperm and oocyte
Biology Open,1:640-647 2012
Author:N. Ohnami, A. Nakamura, M. Miyado,M. Sato, N. Kawano, K. Yoshida, Y. Harada, Y. Takezawa, S. Kanai, C. Ono, Y. Takahashi, K. Kimura, T. Shida,K. Miyado, and A. Umezawa

Incipent Complex Formation between AP Endonuclease and DNA contining AP site: A Vital Role of the Tryptophan Residue
Nucleic Acids Symposium,53:309-310 2009
Author:Y. Yamada, T. Kodera, K. Ohnishi, K. Kaneda, T. Shida

Identification and Characterization of Novel Cell WallHydrolase CwlT: a Two-domain Autolysin Exhabiting N-Acetylmuramidase and D,L-Endopeptidase Activities
J. Biol. Chem.,283:11117-11125 2008
Author:Fukushiama, T. Kitajima, H. Yamaguchi, Q. Ouyang, K. Furuhata, H. Yamamoto, T. Shida, and J. Sekiguchi.

Characterization of the AP Endonucleases from Thermoplasma volcanium and Lactobacillus plantarum;Contribution of Two Important Tryptophan Residues to AP Site Recognition
Biosci.Biotechnol. Biochem.,70(9):2213-2221 2006
Author:K. Kaneda, K. Ohishi, J. Sekiguchi, and T. Shida

Role of the tryptophan residue in the vicinity of the catalytic center of exonuclease III family AP endonucleases: AP site recognition mechanism
Nucleic Acids Res.,34(5):1552-1563 2006
Author:K. Kaneda, J. Sekiguchi, and T. Shida

Mutational analysis of catalyticsites of the cell wall lytic N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase CwlC and CwlV1
J. Biol. Chem,276(30):28140-28146 2001
Author:Toshio Shida/H. Hattori,/F. Ise /J. Sekiguchi

Overexpression, Purification, and Characterization of Bacillus subtilis N-Acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine Amidase CwlC,
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem,64(7):1522-1525 2000
Author:Toshio Shida/ H. Hattori/ F. Ise /J. Sekiguchi

Accumulation of a Recombinant Aspergillus oryzae Lipase artificially Localized on the Bacillus subtilis Cell Surface
J. Biosci. Bioeng,90(4):422-425 2000
Author:G. Kobayashi/ Toshio Shida/J. Sekiguchi

Characterization of Bacillus subtilis ExoA Protein: a Multifunctional DNA-repair Enzyme Similar to the Echerichia coli Exonuclease III
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem,63(9):1528-1534 1999
Author:Toshio Shida/T. Ogawa/ J. Sekiguchi,

Characterization of telomeric oligonucleotides: fidelity of repetitive nucleotide sequences
Nucleosides&Nucleotides,17(1-3):575-584 1998
Author:Toshio Shida/M. Suda / J. Sekiguchi

A novel spectroscopic method for determining the ability of intermolecular association: deoxymononucleotidess and deoxydinucleotides
Res. Comm. Biochem. Cell&Mol. Biol,1(1-3):185-203 1997
Author:M. Takayama/Toshio Shida / A. Tsugita

Analysis of substrate specificity of the RuvC Holliday junction resolvase with synthetic Holliday junctions
J. Biol. Chem,271(42):26105-26109 1996
Author:Toshio Shida/ Y. Kyogoku/ H. Shinagawa

Functional analysis of tetraspanin CD9 in sperm-egg fusion
6th International Conference on Advanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2011 in Ueda , :30 2011
Author:Naoko Ohnami, Hideki Tsumura, Ken Kimura, Toshio Shida, and Kenji Miyado

Incipient complex formation between AP endonuclease and DNA containing AP site: A vital role of the tryptophan residue
6th International Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry , :309-310 2009(Sep.)
Author:T.Shida, Y.Yamada, T.Kodera, K.Ohishi