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HORIE Tomoaki

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of Textile Science and TechnologyTEL+81-268-21-5561
Education and Research OrganizationDivision of Applied Biology, Faculty of Textile Science and TechnologyFAX+81-268-21-5561
Address3-15-1, Tokida, Ueda City, Nagano 386-8567Web site


Research Field
Plant Molecular Biology
Plant Physiology
Plant Cellular Engineering
Keywords:Salt tolerance , Rice , Barley , Arabidopsis , Na+/K+ transport , Water transport , Ion homeostasis
Current Subject
Isolation of genes related to salt stress tolerance from wild and salt tolerant rice
Keywords:wild rice , salt tolerant rice
Elucidation of salinity tolerance mechianisms in plants
Keywords:Salt tolerance , Rice , Arabidopsis , Na+ transport , K+ transport
Elucidation of physiological roles of rice HKTs and development of the technology for breeding of salt tolerant rice cultivars
Keywords:Salt tolerance , Rice , Protein engineering , Molecular breeding


Books, Articles, etc.
Chapter 23: Potassium and sodium transporters: improving salinity tolerance in plants, Improving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stress , 523-542
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co., Germany 2012
Author:Yamaguchi, T., Uozumi, N. and Horie, T.

The HKT1 Na+ transporter protects plant fertility by decreasing Na+ content in stamen filaments
Science Advances,9(22):eadg5495 2023(Jun. 02)
Author:Takeshi Uchiyama, Shunya Saito, Taro Yamanashi, Megumi Kato, Kosuke Takebayashi, Shin Hamamoto, Masaru Tsujii, Tomoko Takagi, Noriko Nagata, Hayato Ikeda, Hidetoshi Kikunaga, Toshimi Suda, Sho Toyama, Misako Miwa, Shigeo Matsuyama, Mitsunori Seo, Tomoaki Horie, Takashi Kuromori, Mutsumi Yamagami, Yasuhiro Ishimaru, Nobuyuki Uozumi

Distinct Functions of the Atypical Terminal Hydrophilic Domain of the HKT Transporter in the Liverwort Marchantia polymorpha
Plant and Cell Physiology,63(6):802-816 2022(Apr.)
Author:Imran S, Oyama M, Horie R, Kobayashi NI, Costa A, Kumano R, Hirata C, Tran STH, Katsuhara M, Tanoi K, Kohchi T, Ishizaki K, Horie T.

Mechanisms Activating Latent Functions of PIP Aquaporin Water Channels via the Interaction between PIP1 and PIP2 Proteins.
Plant and Cell Physiology,62(1):92-99 2021(Mar. 25)
Author:Shibasaka M, Horie T, Katsuhara M.

Functions and structure of roots and their contributions to salinity tolerance in plants.
Breeding Science,71(1):89-108 2021(Mar. 08)
Author:Karahara I, Horie T

A survey of barley PIP aquaporin ionic conductance reveals Ca2+-sensitive HvPIP2;8 Na+ and K+ conductance.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences,21(19):7135 2020(Sep. 27)
Author:Tran STH, Horie T, Imran S, Qiu J, McGaughey S, Byrt CS, Tyerman SD, Katsuhara M.

農業食料工学会誌,82(4):380-389 2020(Jul. 01)

Changes in expression level of OsHKT1;5 alters activity of membrane transporters involved in K+ and Ca2+ acquisition and homeostasis in salinized rice roots.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences,21(14):4882 2020(Jul.)
Author:Al Nayef M, Solis C, Shabala L, Ogura T, Chen Z, Bose J, Maathuis FJM, Venkataraman G, Tanoi K, Yu M, Zhou M, Horie T, Shabala S.

Doing 'business as usual' comes with a cost: evaluating energy cost of maintaining plant intracellular K+ homeostasis under saline conditions
NEW PHYTOLOGIST,225(3):1097-1104 2020(Feb.)
Author:Rubio F, Nieves-Cordones M, Horie T, Shabala S.

Expression and Ion Transport Activity of Rice OsHKT1;1 Variants
PLANTS-BASEL,9(1) 2020(Jan.)
Author:Imran S, Horie T, Katsuhara M.

Energy costs of salinity tolerance in crop plants
NEW PHYTOLOGIST,221(1):25-29 2019(Jan.)
Author:Tyerman SD Munns R FrickeW Arsova B; Barkla B; Bose J; Bramley H; Byrt C; Chen Z; Colmer TD; Cuin T; Day DA; Foster KJ; Gilliham M; Henderson SW; Horie T; Jenkins CLD; Kaiser BN; Katsuhara M; Plett D; Miklavcic SJ; Roy SJ; Rubio F; Shabala S; Shelden M; Soole K; Taylor NL; Tester M; Watt M; Wege S; Wegner LH; Wen Z

High-Affinity K+ Transporters from a Halophyte, Sporobolus virginicus, Mediate Both K+ and Na+ Transport in Transgenic Arabidopsis, X. laevis Oocytes and Yeast
PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY,60(1):176-187 2019(Jan.)
Author:Tada Y, Endo C, Katsuhara M, Horie T, Shibasaka M, Nakahara Y, Kurusu T.

T-DNA Tagging-Based Gain-of-Function of OsHKT1;4 Reinforces Na Exclusion from Leaves and Stems but Triggers Na Toxicity in Roots of Rice Under Salt Stress
International Journal of Molecular Sciences,19:235 2018
Author:Oda, Y., Kobayashi, NI., Tanoi, K., Ma, JF., Itou, Y., Katsuhara, M., Itou, T., Horie, T.

Genomics, physiology, and molecular breeding approaches for improving salt tolerance
Annual Review of Plant Biology,68:405-434 2017
Author:Ismail, AM., Horie, T.

A magnesium transporter OsMGT1 plays a critical role in salt tolerance in rice
Plant Physiology,174:1837-1849 2017
Author:Chen, ZC., Yamaji, N., Horie, T., Che, J., Li, J., An, G., Ma, JF.

OsHKT1;5 mediates Na+ exclusion in the vasculature to protect leaf blades and reproductive tissues from salt toxicity in rice
The Plant Journal,91:657-670 2017
Author:Kobayashi, NI., Yamaji, N., Yamamoto, H., Okubo, K., Ueno, H., Costa, A., Tanoi, K., Matsumura, H., Fujii-Kashino, M., Horiuchi, T., Nayef, MA., Shabala, S., An, G., Ma, JF., Horie, T.

Identification of an H2O2 permeable PIP aquaporin in barley and a serine residue promoting H2O2 transport
Physiologia Plantarum,159(1):120–128 2017
Author:Rhee,J., Horie, T., Shizuka, S., Nakahara, Y., Maki, K.

OsHKT1;4-mediated Na+ transport in stems contributes to Na+ exclusion from leaf blades of rice at the reproductive growth stage upon salt stress
BMC Plant Biology,16:22 2016
Author:Suzuki, K., Yamaji, N., Costa, A., Okuma, E., Kobayashi, NI., Kashiwagi, T., Katsuhara, M., Wang, C., Tanoi, K., Murata, Y., Schroeder, JI. Ma, JF., Horie, T.

OsHKT2;2/1-mediated Na+ influx over K+ uptake in roots potentially increases toxic Na+ accumulation in a salt-tolerant landrace of rice Nona Bokra upon salinity stress
Journal of Plant Research,129(1):67-77 2016
Author:Suzuki K., Costa A., Nakayama H., Katsuhara M., Shinmyo A., Horie T.

Dynamic regulation of the root hydraulic conductivity of barley plants in response to salinity/osmotic stress.
Plant and Cell Physiology,56(5):875–882 2015
Author:Kaneko T., Horie T., Nakahara Y., Shibasaka M., Katsuhara M.

HKT transporters mediate salt stress resistance in plants: from structure and function to the field.
Current Opinion in Biotechnology ,32:113–120 2015
Author:Hamamoto S., Horie, T., Hauser, F., Deinlein, U., Schroeder, JI., Uozumi, N.

CO2 Transport by PIP2 Aquaporins of Barley.
Plant and Cell Physiology,55(2):251–257 2014
Author:Mori IC., Rhee J., Shibasaka M., Sasano S., Kaneko T., Horie T., Katsuhara M.

Functional and molecular characteristics of rice and barley NIP aquaporins transporting water, hydrogen peroxide and arsenite.
Plant Biotechnology,31:213–219 2014
Author:Katsuhara M., Sasano S., Horie T., Matsumoto T., Rhee J., Shibasaka M.

Plant salt-tolerance mechanisms.
Trends in Plant Science,19(6):371-379 2014
Author:Deinlein, U., Stephan, AB., Horie, T., Luo, W., Xu, G., Schroeder, JI.

Using membrane transporters to improve crops for sustainable food production
Nature,497:60-66 2013
Author:Schroeder, JI., Delhaize, E., Frommer, WB., Guerinot, ML., Harrison, MJ., Herrera-Estrella, L., Horie, T., Kochian, LV., Munns, R., Nishizawa, NK., Tsay, YF., Sanders D.

Salinity Tolerance Mechanisms in Glycophytes: An Overview with the Central Focus on Rice Plants
Rice,5(11) 2012
Author:Horie, T., Karahara, I., Katsuhara, M.

Hydrogen peroxide permeability of plasma membrane aquaporins of Arabidopsis thaliana
Journal of Plant Research,125(1):147-153 2012
Author:Hooijmaijers, C., Rhee, JY., Kwak, KJ., Chung, GC et al.

AtHKT1;1 mediates Nernstian sodium channel transport properties in Arabidopsis root stelar cells
PLoS ONE,6:e24725 2011
Author:Xue, S., Yao, X., Luo, W., Jha, D., Tester, M., Horie, T., Schroeder, JI.

K+ transport by the OsHKT2;4 transporter from rice with atypical Na+ transport properties and competition in permeation of K+ over Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions
Plant Physiology,156(3):1493-1507 2011
Author:Horie, T., Brodsky, DE., Costa, A., Kaneko, T., Schiavo, FL., Katsuhara, M., Schroeder, JI.

Rice sodium-insensitive potassium transporter, OsHAK5, confers increased salt-tolerance in tobacco BY2 cells
Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering,111(3):346-356 2011
Author:Horie, T., Sugawara, M., Okada, T., Taira, K. et al.

Mechanisms of Water Transport Mediated by PIP Aquaporins and their Regulation via Phosphorylation Events under Salinity Stress in Barley Roots
Plant&Cell Physiology,52(4):663-675 2011
Author:Horie, T., Kaneko, T., Sugimoto, G., Sasano, S. et al.

Differential sodium and potassium transport selectivitiesof the rice OsHKT2;1 and OsHKT2;2 transporters in plant cells
Plant Physiology,152(1):341-355 2010
Author:Yao, X., Horie, T., Xue, S., Leung, HY. et al (Horie, T.: Co-first author).

HKT transporter-mediated salinity resistance mechanisms in Arabidopsis and monocot crop plants
Trends in Plant Science,14(12):660-668 2009
Author:Horie, T., Hauser, F. and Schroeder, JI.

Functions of HKT transporters in sodium transport in roots and in protecting leaves from salinity stress
Plant Biotechnology,25(3):233-239 2008
Author:Horie, T., Sugawara, M., Okunou, K., Nakayama, H. et al.

Drought Stress alters water relations and expression of PIP-type aquaporin genes in Nicotiana tabacum
Plant&Cell Physiology,49(5):801-813 2008
Author:Mahdieh, M., Mostajeran, NA., Horie, T. and Katsuhara, M.

Rice OsHKT2;1 transporter mediates large Na+ influx component into K+-starved roots for growth
The EMBO Journal,26(12):3003-3014 2007
Author:Horie, T., Costa, A., Kim, TH., Han, MJ. et al.

Nomenclature for HKT transporters, key determinants of plant salinity tolerance
Trends in Plant Science,11(8):372-374 2006
Author:Platten, D., Cotsaftis, O., Berthomieu, P., Bohnert, H. et al.

Calcium regulation of sodium hypersensitivities of sos3 and athkt1 mutants
Plant&Cell Physiology,47(5):622-633 2006
Author:Horie, T., Horie, R., Chan, WY., Leung, HY. et al.

Improving salt tolerance in plant cells
Plant Biotechnology,22(5):477-487 2005
Author:Nakayama, H., Horie, T., Yonamine, I., Shinmyo, A. et al.

Enhanced salt tolerance mediated by AtHKT1 transporter-induced Na+ unloading from xylem vessels to xylem parenchyma cells
The Plant Journal,44(6):928-938 2005
Author:Sunarpi., Horie, T., Motoda, J., Kubo, M. et al (Horie, T.: Co-first author).

Sodium transporters in plants. Diverse genes and physiological functions
Plant Physiology,136(1):2457-2462 2004
Author:Horie, T. and Schroeder, JI.

Microarray-based rapid cloning of an ion accumulation deletion mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,101(43):15404-15409 2004
Author:Gong, JM., Waner, DA., Horie, T., Li, SL. et al.

Glycine residues in potassium channel-like selectivity filters determine potassium selectivity in four-loop-per-subunit HKT transporters from plants
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,99(9):6428-6433 2002
Author:Mäser, P., Hosoo, Y., Goshima, S., Horie, T. et al.

Altered shoot/root Na+ distribution and bifurcating salt sensitivity in Arabidopsis by genetic disruption of the Na+ transporter AtHKT1
FEBS Letter,531(2):157-161 2002
Author:Mäser, P., Eckelman, B., Vaidyanathan R., Horie, T. et al.

Two types of HKT transporters with different properties of Na+ and K+ transport in Oryza sativa
The Plant Journal,27(2):129-138 2001
Author:Horie, T., Yoshida, K., Nakayama, H., Yamada, K. et al.

Physiological traits study of mutated Ca2+/H+ exchanger, OsCAX1a in BRRIdhan-47
10th International Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology Conference 2023(Mar.)
Presenter:Pronabananda DAS, Tomoaki HORIE, A.N.K. Mamun, Yoshihiro HASE

Mechanisms of Na+ homeostasis in rice upon salinity stress and attempts toward breeding of salt tolerant rice cultivars
DEMETERRES Workshop 2015(Oct.)
Presenter:Horie, T.

Root hydraulic conductivity and PIP aquaporins of barely and rice in response to salinity/osmotic stress
International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology 2013
Presenter:Katsuhara, M., Kaneko, T., Horie, T., Tsuji, N., Shibasaka, M.

OsHKT1;5-mediated Na+ transport controls a high K/Na ratio of young leaf blades in rice under salinity stress
International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology 2013
Presenter:Horie, T., Suzuki, K., Kashiwagi, T., Yamaji, N., An, G., Ma, JF.

Mechanisms of ion and water homeostasis in response to salinity stress
Gordon Research Conference on SALT & WATER STRESS IN PLANTS 2012
Presenter:Horie, T.

Dynamic regulation of root hydraulic conductivity and aquaporins under salt stress
International Symposium: Strategies of Plants against Global Environmental Change 35 2011
Presenter:Kaneko, T., Horie, T., Sugimoto, G., Shibasaka, M., Katsuhara, M.

HKT1-mediated Na+ reabsorption from xylem in the mechanism of plant salt tolerance
International Symposium: Strategies of Plants against Global Environmental Change 59 2011
Presenter:Horie, T., Xue, S., Uozumi, N., Schroeder, JI.

HKT transporter-mediated K+ homeostasis in Oryza sativa plants
3rd Japan-China Joint Workshop on Plant Nutrition 2011
Presenter:Horie, T. Brodsky, DE., Costa, A., Kaneko, T., Katsuhara, M., Schroeder, JI.