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Education and Research OrganizationUniversity Hospital Special Dental Care & Oral SurgeryFAX
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Address3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City 390-8621Web site


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A case of primary cutaneous γδ T-cell lymphoma with initial symptoms in the tongue
,67(6):335-339 2021(Jun.)

Detection of swallowing disorders using a multiple channel surface electromyography sheet: A preliminary study
JOURNAL OF DENTAL SCIENCES,16(1):160-167 2021(Jan.)
Author:Koyama, Yoshito; Ohmori, Nobuyuki; Momose, Hideya; Kondo, Eiji; Yamada, Shin-ichi; Kurita, Hiroshi;

A retrospective investigation of minor risk factors as prognostic predictors and treatment indications in oral squamous cell carcinoma
JOURNAL OF DENTAL SCIENCES,16(1):445-452 2021(Jan.)
Author:Yamada, Shin-ichi; Kondo, Eiji; Hashidume, Masao; Sakurai, Akinari; Otagiri, Hiroki; Matsumura, Naoki; Kubo, Kiriko; Hakoyama, Yusuke; Yajima, Junichi; Morioka, Masafumi; Akahane, Yukiko; Anzai, Kazunori; Goto, Koichi; Uehara, Takeshi; Sakai, Hironori; Kurita, Hiroshi;

Surgical Treatment for Masticatory Muscle Tendon-Aponeurosis and Coronoid Process Hyperplasia : A Case Report
Author:AIZAWA Hitoshi;YAMADA Shin-ichi;SAKAI Hironori;KONDOU Eiji;KURITA Hiroshi
Abstract:A 46-year-old woman was referred to our hospital seeking treatment for limited mouth opening. Restriction of mouth opening was first noticed 6 years ago, after treatment of a cervical spine bone fracture. She had a maximum mouth opening of 25mm, with slightly limited lateral and anterior mandibular movement. The patient had a square face with prominent masseter muscles and mandibular angles. A dense band of tissue, which became taut during maximal opening, was palpable along the anterior border of both masseter muscles. 3DCT images (bone window) showed bilateral hyperplasia of the coronoid process. MR imaging revealed thickened aponeurosis extending far into the anterior margin of the masseter muscles.
The clinical diagnosis was restricted mouth opening due to bilateral hyperplasia of the masseter muscle aponeuorsis and coronoid process. Masseter muscle myotomy with aponeurectomy and coronoidectomy were performed bilaterally by an intraoral approach. The mouth opening improved to 53mm immediately after the surgery. The postsurgical course was uneventful and she maintained a maximal range of mouth opening of 40mm without pain and occlusal change.

A case of intraosseous spindle cell squamous cell carcinoma of the mandible
Journal of Japanese Society of Oral Oncology,33(3):99-105 2021
Author:Kondo Eiji;Tanaka Hirokazu;Kawamoto Makiko;Fukuda Hironobu;Koyama Yoshito;Yamamoto Tsubasa;Morioka Masafumi;Yamada Shin-ichi;Kurita Hiroshi
Abstract:Spindle cell squamous cell carcinoma is characterized by multiplication of polygonal cells, mainly spindle cells, and is classified as a particular kind of squamous cell carcinoma. We report a rare case of spindle cell squamous cell carcinoma of the mandible that was considered an intraosseous carcinoma.
A 67-year-old man had undergone enucleation of a mandibular tumor (30×15mm radiolucent mass including an impacted third molar). There had been no abnormal symptoms in the oral mucosa. Pathological examination of the surgical specimen revealed that the lesion was spindle cell squamous cell carcinoma, and so the patient was referred to the Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Shinshu University School of Medicine for further treatment. Elective neck dissection, segmental mandibulectomy, and reconstruction with metal plate and recto-abdominal myocutaneous free flap were carried out, followed by adjuvant chemoradiotherapy. There has been no evidence of recurrence for 5 years.

A case of multiple oral mucosal ulcers suspected to be related to oral bisphosphonates
Journal of The Japanese Stomatological Society,70(3):262-266 2021
Abstract:BPs-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw(BRONJ) is widely known as a common side effect of oral bisphosphonate (BP) preparations. However, mucosal damage due to local irritation in the upper gastrointestinal tract, including the oral cavity, has also been reported. Here, we report a case of multiple oral mucosal ulcers suspected to be associated with oral BP retention in the mucosa. A 78-year-old woman was hospitalized for anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA)-associated vasculitis and was taking prednisolone. Her medical history revealed scleroderma, interstitial pneumonia, and mild cognitive impairment. Four days after starting oral alendronate, she was referred to our department because of oral pain. Clinical examination revealed multiple oral mucosal ulcers on the left buccal mucosa and bilateral tongue margin. Since her oral condition was poor, active oral care intervention and topical application of steroid ointment was applied. However, the oral mucosal ulcer was exacerbated. We suspected that the oral ulcers were caused by stagnation of oral BP tablets due to her cognitive decline and so requested the prescribing doctor to discontinue the alendronate. Fifteen days after discontinuation, a part of the ulcer started to become epithelized and the ulcer disappeared two months after the discontinuation.

A case of multiple facial fractures resulting in atelectasis due to bronchial obstruction by tooth fracture fragment
Journal of The Japanese Stomatological Society,70(3):273-277 2021
Author:AKITA Daisuke;KONDO Eiji;HASHIDUME Masao;OTAGIRI Hiroki;YAMADA Shin-ichi;KURITA Hiroshi
Abstract:We report a case of bronchial obstruction by a tooth fracture fragment in a patient with multiple facial fractures. A 44-year-old woman fell from a condominium and was transported to our hospital. She had multiple bone fractures including maxillofacial lesions (multiple mandibular and maxillary, multiple rib, pelvic, right femoral condylar, and sternal fractures). On the second day, chest radiographs showed the onset of atelectasis in the right upper pulmonary field, but the oxygenation was within normal range. On the seventh day, she underwent surgical reduction and fixation of the fractures under general anesthesia. Postoperative chest X-ray showed enlarged atelectasis, and immediate bronchoscopy revealed a foreign body in the right bronchus. On CT images, a thin-shaped foreign body was confirmed in the right main bronchus. The foreign body in the airway was successfully removed under bronchoscopy; it was found to be a fractured tooth fragment, which was thought to have been aspirated by the patient at the time of injury. The patient recovered thereafter and is making good progress.

Accuracy of a salivary examination kit for the screening of periodontal disease in a group medical check-up (Japanese-specific health check-up)
MEDICINE,100(6) 2021
Author:Sakurai, Akinari; Yamada, Shin-Ichi; Karasawa, Imahito; Kondo, Eiji; Kurita, Hiroshi;
Keywords:ammonia; occult blood; periodontitis; saliva; salivary hemoglobin;

Relationship between dry mouth and hypertension
Author:Kawamoto, Makiko; Yamada, Shin-ichi; Gibo, Takahiko; Kajihara, Ryo; Nagashio, Sachiho; Tanaka, Hirokazu; Yajima, Junichi; Takizawa, Atsushi; Kondo, Eiji; Sakai, Hironori; Kaneko, Tomoki; Uehara, Takeshi; Kurita, Hiroshi;

Treatment strategies for and outcomes of older patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma
Author:Yamada, Shin-ichi; Kurita, Hiroshi; Nakano, Ryoko; Ohta, Ryosuke; Akita, Daisuke; Hashidume, Masao; Morishita, Kota; Kondo, Eiji; Sakai, Hironori;

Drug holiday clinical relevance verification for antiresorptive agents in medication-related osteonecrosis cases of the jaw
Author:Hayashida, Saki; Yanamoto, Souichi; Fujita, Shigeyuki; Hasegawa, Takumi; Komori, Takahide; Kojima, Yuka; Miyamoto, Hironori; Shibuya, Yasuyuki; Ueda, Nobuhiro; Kirita, Tadaaki; Nakahara, Hirokazu; Shinohara, Mitsuyo; Kondo, Eiji; Kurita, Hiroshi; Umeda, Masahiro;
Keywords:Discontinuing medication; Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws; Propensity score; Treatment outcome;

Correlations between the properties of saliva and metabolic syndrome A prospective observational study
MEDICINE,99(51) 2020
Author:Suzuki, Daisuke; Yamada, Shin-Ichi; Sakurai, Akinari; Karasawa, Imahito; Kondo, Eiji; Sakai, Hironori; Tanaka, Hirokazu; Shimane, Tetsu; Kurita, Hiroshi;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,66(12):605-609 2020
Author:篠原 潤;近藤 英司;嶋根 哲;伊藤 隆一;柴田 哲伸;栗田 浩

Fanconi 貧血に合併した進行下顎歯肉癌の1例
日本口腔外科学会雑誌,66(8):360-365 2020
Author:柴田 哲伸;山田 慎一;太田 亮輔;横井 啓;近藤 英司;栗田 浩

A Targeted Genetic Association Study of the Rare Type of Osteomyelitis
Author:Yahara, H.; Horita, S.; Yanamoto, S.; Kitagawa, Y.; Asaka, T.; Yoda, T.; Morita, K.; Michi, Y.; Takechi, M.; Shimasue, H.; Maruoka, Y.; Kondo, E.; Kusukawa, J.; Tsujiguchi, H.; Sato, T.; Kannon, T.; Nakamura, H.; Tajima, A.; Hosomichi, K.; Yahara, K.;

Treatment outcomes and prognostic factors of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: a case- and literature-based review
CLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS,23(8):3203-3211 2019(Aug.)
Author:Yamada, Shin-ichi; Kurita, Hiroshi; Kondo, Eiji; Suzuki, Shigeru; Nishimaki, Fumihiro; Yoshimura, Nobuhiko; Morioka, Masafumi; Ishii, Shutaro; Kamata, Takahiro;

A retrospective analysis of the prevalence of dental diseases in patients with digestive system cancers
MEDICINE,98(13) 2019(Mar.)
Author:Sakai, Hironori; Yamada, Shin-Ichi; Gibo, Takahiko; Yoshimura, Nobuhiko; Nishimaki, Fumihiro; Kondo, Eiji; Kamata, Takahiro; Kurita, Hiroshi;

臨床例 骨吸収抑制薬関連顎骨壊死の頻度および発症要因に関する検討 : 長野県内20病院における発症例の検討
診断と治療 = Diagnosis and treatment,107(2):237-241 2019(Feb.)
Author:近藤 英司;栗田 浩;宮澤 英樹;酒井 洋徳;秋田 大輔;清水 武;西澤 理史歩;小池 剛史;鎌田 孝広;山田 慎一

Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw after tooth extraction in cancer patients: a multicenter retrospective study
Author:Hasegawa, T.; Hayashida, S.; Kondo, E.; Takeda, Y.; Miyamoto, H.; Kawaoka, Y.; Ueda, N.; Iwata, E.; Nakahara, H.; Kobayashi, M.; Soutome, S.; Yamada, S. I.; Tojyo, I.; Kojima, Y.; Umeda, M.; Fujita, S.; Kurita, H.; Shibuya, Y.; Kirita, T.; Komori, T.; Japanese Study Grp Co-Operative De;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,65(3):162-165 2019
Author:嶋根 哲;相澤 仁志;近藤 英司;鎌田 孝広;唐澤 今人;栗田 浩

信州医学雑誌,66(4):249-256 2018(Aug.)
Author:梶原稜、山田慎一、西牧史洋、近藤英司、鎌田孝広、小山 力、松岡峻一郎、竹田 哲、三浦健太郎、山田響子、浜中一敏、伊藤研一、栗田 浩

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,63(11):564-569 2017(Nov.)

日本口腔診断学会雑誌,30(3):289-294 2017(Oct.)

A multicenter retrospective study of the risk factors associated with medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw after tooth extraction in patients receiving oral bisphosphonate therapy: can primary wound closure and a drug holiday really prevent MRONJ?
OSTEOPOROSIS INTERNATIONAL,28(8):2465-2473 2017(Aug.)
Author:Hasegawa, T.; Kawakita, A.; Ueda, N.; Funahara, R.; Tachibana, A.; Kobayashi, M.; Kondou, E.; Takeda, D.; Kojima, Y.; Sato, S.; Yanamoto, S.; Komatsubara, H.; Umeda, M.; Kirita, T.; Kurita, H.; Shibuya, Y.; Komori, T.; Japanese Study Grp Cooperative;

Healthy life expectancy of oral squamous cell carcinoma patients aged 75years and older.
oral oncology,64:22-26 2017
Author:Yamada SI, Kurita H, Tomioka T, Ohta R, Yoshimura N, Nishimaki F, Koyama Y, Kondo E, Kamata T.

北海道医学雑誌,90(1):39-47 2015(May)

口腔癌におけるp16,EGFRv III発現およびセツキシマブ併用療法の治療効果との関連に関する検討
日本口腔腫瘍学会誌,27(3):67-74 2015
Author:山田 慎一; 柳本 惣市; 鳴瀬 智史; 松下 祐樹; 高橋 英哲; 近藤 英司; 鎌田 孝広; 梅田 正博; 栗田 浩;
Keywords:口腔癌; 分子標的治療薬;

口腔癌におけるp16,EGFRv III発現およびセツキシマブ併用療法の治療効果との関連に関する検討
日本口腔腫瘍学会誌,27(3):67-74 2015
Author:山田 慎一; 柳本 惣市; 鳴瀬 智史; 松下 祐樹; 高橋 英哲; 近藤 英司; 鎌田 孝広; 梅田 正博; 栗田 浩;
Keywords:口腔癌; 分子標的治療薬;

有病者歯科医療,23(4):270-275 2014(Dec.)
Author:荒井 五織; 竹川 政範; 岡 久美子; 近藤 英司; 吉田 将亜; 松田 光悦;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,60(6):342-347 2014
Author:近藤 英司; 竹川 政範; 宇津木 千鶴; 吉田 将亜; 柴山 尚大; 松田 光悦;
Keywords:薬剤性間質性肺炎; 薬剤リンパ球刺激試験;

日本口腔科学会雑誌,63(1):1-10 2014
Author:藤盛 真樹; 鳥谷部 純行; 大坪 誠治; 西村 泰一; 嶋津 真史; 末次 博; 近藤 英司; 吉田 将亜; 竹川 政範; 松田 光悦;
Keywords:抜歯; 抗血栓療法; 抜歯後出血; 止血困難; 局所止血;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,59(1):18-22 2013(Jan. 20)
Author:吉田 将亜; 柴山 尚大; 近藤 英司; 小神 順也; 竹川 政範; 松田 光悦;
Keywords:陳旧性顎関節脱臼; 顎関節; 顎間牽引;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,58(11):623-627 2012(Nov. 20)
Author:柴山 尚大; 近藤 英司; 吉田 将亜; 竹川 政範; 松田 光悦; 三代川 斉之;
Keywords:関節リウマチ; 腫瘍壊死因子; メトトレキサート関連性リンパ増殖性疾患;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,58(3):123-127 2012(Mar. 20)
Author:近藤 英司; 上田 倫弘; 山下 徹郎; 中嶋 頼俊; 林 信; 藤田 昌宏;
Keywords:本態性血小板血症; 舌癌; 摘除生検;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,58(3):123-127 2012
Author:近藤 英司; 上田 倫弘; 山下 徹郎; 中嶋 頼俊; 林 信; 藤田 昌宏;
Keywords:本態性血小板血症; 舌癌; 摘除生検;

日本口腔科学会雜誌,60(1):12-15 2011(Jan. 10)
Author:近藤 英司; 竹川 政範; 吉田 将亜; 松本 章; 岡 久美子; 松田 光悦;
Keywords:歯周包帯剤(サージカルパックN^【○!R】); 接触性口内炎; パッチテスト;

日本口腔科学会雑誌,60(1):12-15 2011
Author:近藤 英司; 竹川 政範; 吉田 将亜; 松本 章; 岡 久美子; 松田 光悦;
Keywords:歯周包帯剤(サージカルパックN®); 接触性口内炎; パッチテスト;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,56(6):365-368 2010(Jun. 20)
Author:竹川 政範; 松本 章; 吉田 将亜; 近藤 英司; 松田 光悦; 三代川 斉之;
Keywords:粘液腫; 歯肉;

日本口腔外科学会雑誌,56(2):85-89 2010(Feb. 20)
Author:上田 倫弘; 山下 徹郎; 矢島 和宜; 林 信; 中嶋 頼俊; 近藤 英司;
Keywords:化学放射線療法; 軟口蓋癌; 扁平上皮癌; 超選択的動注化学療法;

小児口腔外科,20(1):37-43 2010
Author:谷 和俊; 竹川 政範; 松本 章; 吉田 将亜; 近藤 英司; 松田 光悦;
Keywords:小児; 臨床的検討; 口腔顎顔面外傷;

肩甲骨皮弁による下顎再建 : 下顎再建の範囲と咬合・摂食機能
頭頸部癌 = Head and neck cancer,35(4):337-343 2009(Dec. 25)
Author:上田 倫弘; 山下 徹郎; 矢島 和宜; 林 信; 浅香 雄一郎; 中嶋 頼俊; 近藤 英司; 栃原 義之; 野平 久仁彦; 新冨 芳尚; 山本 有平;
Keywords:下顎再建; 遊離組織移植; 肩甲骨; 術後機能;

日本口腔診断学会雑誌 = Japanese journal of oral diagnosis/oral medicine,21(2):253-257 2008(Oct. 30)
Author:上田 倫弘; 山下 徹郎; 中嶋 頼俊; 林 信; 近藤 英司; 柴田 敏之; 藤田 昌宏; 矢島 和宜;
Keywords:腺房細胞癌; 小唾液腺; 定位的多軌道放射線治療;

日本口腔外科学会誌,50:209-210 2004