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Academic OrganizationTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Textile Science and TechnologyFAX
PositionProfessor EmeritusMail Address
Address3-15-1, Tokida, Ueda City 386-8567Web site


Research Field
Fiber engineering
History of technology
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Japanese Society of Tribologists
The Seismological Society of Japan
The Society of historical Earthquake Studies
Japan Water Works Associations
Society for the Study of Early Modern Kyoto
Academic Background
Graduate School
Hiroshima University , (Department of Physics) , 1972
Hiroshima University , (Department of Physics) , 1969

Hiroshima University , (Faculty of Science) , 1967

PhD Engineering , University of Tokyo
PhD Science , Hiroshima Univeristy
Research Career
Research Career
2019- , Research Coordinator, Shinshu University Fii
1973- , Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Researcher
2017-2021 , Management Commmittee Member, Nagano Univ.
2016-2020 , External Director, TAIHO KOGYO CO.LTD.
2014-2019 , Project Professor, 2009 Professor Emeritus. Shinshu University
2009-2014 , Director, Toyama Indusrial Technology Center
2003-2009 , Professor、Shinshu University
2001-2003 , Director, Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST)、Chubu Center
2000-2001 , Director, Government Industrial Research Institute, Nagoya
1999-2000 , Dupty Director, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
1978-1979 , Cavendish Laboratory, Univ. of Cambridge, Visiting Researcher


Books, Articles, etc.
我が国最古級の蚕書武富咸亮著『蚕母要覧』について, 近世京都 No.2, 39-91
Author:松田 清、榎本祐嗣、前澤 健

新樹社 2009

東京大学出版会 1994

Laboratory investigation of coupled electrical interaction of fracturing rock with gases
Earth, Planets, Space,73:90 2021
Author:Y.Enomoto, T.Yamabe, S. Sugiura, H. Kondo


Laboratory investigatin of earthquake lightning due to landslide
Earth, Planets, Space,72:108 2020
Author:Y.Enomoto, T. Yamabe, K. Mizuhara, S. Sugiura and H. Kodo

A possible causal mechanism of geomagnetic variations as observed immediately before and after the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
Open J. Earthquake Research,9:33-49 2020
Author:Y.Enomoro, T.Yamabe, S. Sugiura and H. Kondo

歴史地震,(34):55-63 2019

Possible mechanism for the tsunami-related fires that occurred at Aonae harbor on Okushiri island in the 1993 Hokkaido Nansei-Oki earthquake
Geosciences,9(6):253 2019
Author:Y.Enomoro, T.Yamabe, S. Sugiura and H. Kondo

Causal mechanisms of seismo-EM phenomanda during the 1965-1967 Matsushiro earthquake swarm
Scientific Reports,7:44774 2017
Author:Y.Enomoto, T. Yamabe, and N. Okumura

我が国最古級の蚕書 武富咸亮著『蚕母要覧』について
近世京都,(2):39-91 2016

Mw dependence of the preseismic ionospheric electron enhancements
J. Geophys. Res.,120:7006-7020 2015
Author:Kouske Heki and Yuji Enomoto

Reply to comment by K.Heki and Y. Enomoto on "Preseismic ionopheric electron enhancements revisited"
J. Geophys. Res. Space Phys.,119:6016-6018 2014
Author:Kosuke Heki and Yuji Enomoto

Preseismic ionospheric electron enhancements revisited
J. Geophys. Res.,118:6616-6626 2013
Author:Kousuke Heki and Yuji Enomoto

Coupled interaction of earthquake nucleation with deep Earth gases: possible mechanism for sesismo-electromagnetic phenomena
Geophysical Journal International,191:1210-1214 2012
Author:Yuji Enomoto

Lubricating Characteristic of Grease Composites with CNT Additive
Tribology Online,6(5):247-250 2011
Author:Yang, Y.; Yamabe, T.; Kim, B.S.; Kim, I.S.; Enomoto, Y.

Frictional Properties of Electrospun Polyurethane NanofiberWeb
Tribology Online,5(6):262-265 2010
Author:Sudo, T.; Yamabe, T.; Kim, I.S.; Enomoto, Y.

Research Grants
Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2009 - 2011 , ナノファイバー/ウエッブのトライボロジー評価に関する研究 , 基盤研究(B)