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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of HumanitiesTEL
Education and Research OrganizationSchool of General Education Language Education CenterFAX
PositionAssociate ProfessorMail Address
AddressSchool of General Education, Shinshu University, Asahi 3-1-1, MatsumotoWeb site



Research Field
Modern and Medieval European Literature
Current Subject
Dante and theology
Keywords:Dante, Divina Commedia, theology, philosophy
Dante and English poetry
Keywords:Dante, English literature, English poets
Language acquisition and extensive reading
Keywords:Language acquisition, extensive reading
Academic Background
PhD , Cambridge University
MA , Cambridge University


Books, Articles, etc.
Teaching Academic English in the Age of AI: Notes on What Translation Software Means for University English Education
信州大学総合人間科学研究,15:133–145 2021(Mar. 31)
Author:David Ruzicka

Dante's Veltro between History and Interpretation: A Material-Culture Reading of "non ciberà terra né peltro"
Dante Studies,138 (2020):1-25 2021
Author:David Ruzicka

Metaphors of Nutrition in Inferno I: Dante's Veltro and the Philosophical Appetite
Ex-position,45:7-25 2021
Author:David Ruzicka

Poetry and Performance : Prolegomenon to a Reading of Robin Kirkpatrick's A Collection 稻草
信州大学総合人間科学研究,(12):182-193 2018(Mar. 07)
Author:David Ruzicka

'Anything that's mended is but patched' : Fortune and Forbearance in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
信州大学総合人間科学研究,(11):231-250 2017(Mar. 17)
Author:David Ruzicka

'Such shaping fantasies' : Metamorphosis in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
信州大学人文社会科学研究,10:128-140 2016(Mar. 14)
Author:David Ruzicka

‘“Scegliendo fior da fiore”: Exile, Desire and the Fiorentinità of Dante’s Matelda’
Le Tre Corone. Rivista internazionale di studi su Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio,3:25–56 2016(Jan.)
Author:David Ruzicka

'Thou shalt have the air at freedom' : The Theme of Liberty in Shakespeare's The Tempest
信州大学人文社会科学研究,9:13-28 2015(Mar. 28)
Author:David Ruzicka

‘Florence and the Gran Contessa: An Historicist Reading of Dante’s Matelda’
Dante Studies. The Annual Journal of the Dante Society of America,132 (2014):35-57 2015
Author:David Ruzicka

Extensive Reading Research in a Japanese University: Some Thoughts on Culture and Ideology
Current Trends and Prospects of Communicative Language Teaching in the EFL Context. 2014 ETAK International Conference,:65-69 2014(Jun.)
Author:David Ruzicka

Uno lume apparente di fuori secondo sta dentro”: The Expressive Body in Dante’s Commedia
The Italianist,34(1):1-22 2014(Jan.)
Author:David Ruzicka

Developing institutional relationships through ER
The 2011 JALT Pan-SIG Conference Proceedings,:220–234 2012(Jun.)
Author:David Ruzicka and Mark Brierley

“Sì ch’a nulla, fendendo, facea male”: Dante’s Griffin and Florentine Civic Ritual (Purgatorio 29. 109–11)
Dante Studies,130:1-45 2012
Author:David Ruzicka

Teachers' Beliefs about Language Learning
信州大学人文社会科学研究,5:79-94 2011
Author:Brierley, Mark; Mehmet, Sean; Ruzicka, David

The measurement problem in Extensive Reading
The Language Teacher,34(5):11–12 2010(Sep.)
Author:Mark Brierley, David Ruzicka, Hiroki Sato&Tomonori Wakasugi

The measurement problem in Extensive Reading
JALT2009 Conference Proceedings,:641–650 2010(Aug. 20)
Author:David Ruzicka, Mark Brierley, Hiroki Sato & Tomonori Wakasugi

Selling ER: Investigating Factors in Classroom Management that Affect Reading Performance
信州大学人文社会科学研究会 / Shinshu University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences,2:223-238 2008(Apr.)
Author:David Ruzicka, Mark Brierley

The Representation of the Human Body in Dante’s Commedia
The Human Person and Nature in Medieval Literature, Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Fu Jen Medieval Conference, Taipei, 21–22 March, 2006,:23–42 2008(Feb.)
Author:David Ruzicka

Extensive Reading in Shinshu University: Rationale, Management and Motivation
高等教育システムセンター紀要 / Shinshu University Journal of Educational Research,2:3-26 2006(Mar.)
Author:David Ruzicka, Mark Brierley

The Peer Review Project: A Class in English Composition and a Class in Linguistics Taught in English
Journal of Educational Research, Shinshu University /「教育システム研究開発センター紀要」,(9):97-104 2003(Mar. 28)
Author:Junko Nishigaki, David Ruzicka and Miki Hanazaki

Bread for the People: Dante’s Didactic Aims in the Convivio and the Commedia
Journal of Educational Research, Shinshu University /「教育システム研究開発センター紀要」,(8):151–161 2002(Mar. 29)
Author:David Ruzicka

Seamus Heaney and Dante: The Making of a Poet
Journal of Educational Research, Shinshu University / 教育システム研究開発センター紀要,(2):137-151 1997(Mar. 28)
Author:David Ruzicka

Dante’s Teacher without a Shadow: The Figure of Virgil in the Commedia and the Efficacy of Poetry
Journal of Educational Research, Shinshu University / 「教育システム研究開発センター紀要、第1号」,(1):69-110 1996(Mar. 28)
Author:David Ruzicka

Metaphors of Nutrition in Inferno I: Dante’s Veltro and the Philosophical Appetite
2020 TACMRS International Conference 2020(Oct. 23)
Presenter:David Ruzicka

‘“Sanza danno di pecore o biade” (Purg. XXXIII, 51). L’enigma forte tra intertestualità e storia della guerra’
2nd International Dante Congress 2019(May 30)
Presenter:David Ruzicka

‘Dante’s Veltro Between Archaeology and Material Culture’
1st International Dante Congress 2017(May 26)
Presenter:David Ruzicka

‘Florence, Justice and the Topography of Dante’s Earthly Paradise’
ACIS [Australasian Centre for Italian Studies] 8th Biennial Conference 2015(Jul. 02)
Presenter:David Ruzicka

The Representation of the Human Body in Dante’s Commedia
7th Annual Fu Jen Medieval Conference, Taipei, 21–22 March, 2006 2006(Mar. 21)
Presenter:David Ruzicka