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Miyamaru Fumiaki

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of ScienceTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Science Department of ScienceFAX
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Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research Research Initiative for Supra-Materials
Graduate School of Science and Technology
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Keywords:Plasmonic Crystal , Plasmonics , Metamaterial , Terahertz wave
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Academic Societies


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Dynamic Quarter-Wave Metasurface for Efficient Helicity Inversion of Polarization Beyond the Single-Layer Conversion Limit
Advanced Optical Materials,10:2101615 2022
Author:Mitsuki Kobachi, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Kunio Okimura, Atsushi Sanada, and Yosuke Nakata

Dynamic inversion of planar-chiral response of terahertz metasurface based on critical transition of checkerboard structures
Nanophotonics,11:2057-2064 2022
Author:Yoshiro Urade, Kai Fukawa, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Kunio Okimura, Toshihiro Nakanishi and Yosuke Nakata

Ultrafast Frequency-Shift Dynamics at Temporal Boundary Induced by Structural-Dispersion Switching of Waveguides
Physical Review Letters,127:053902-1-053902-6 2021(Jul. 30)
Author:Fumiaki Miyamaru, Chihiro Mizuo, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Yosuke Nakata, Kakeru Hasebe, Shintaro Nagase, Yu Matsubara, Yusuke Goto, Joel Pérez-Urquizo, Julien Madéo, and Keshav M. Dani

Spatial Field Distributions of Electromagnetic Waves in Coupled System of One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.,90:044708 2021
Author:Hideaki Kitahara, Yosuke Nakata, Youhei Suzuki, Junichi Miyashita, Fumiaki Miyamaru, and Mitsuo W. Takeda

Reconfigurable terahertz quarter-wave plate for helicity switching based on Babinet inversion of an anisotropic checkerboard metasurface
Physical Review Applied,11:044008 2019(Apr. 03)
Author:Yosuke Nakata, Kai Fukawa, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Yoshiro Urade, Kunio Okimura, and Fumiaki Miyamaru

Energy loss of terahertz electromagnetic waves by nano-sized connections in near-self-complementary metallic checkerboard patterns
Journal of Applied Physics,122:063101 2017(Aug. 09)
Author:Keisuke Takano, Yoku Tanaka, Gabriel Moreno, Abdallah Chahadih, Abbas Ghaddar, Xiang-Lei Hang, François Vaurette, Yosuke Nakata, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Makoto Nakajima, Masanori Hangyo, and Tahsin Akalin

Freestanding transparent terahertz half-wave plate using subwavelength cut-wire pairs
Optics Express,25:2107-2114 2017(Jan. 25)
Author:Yosuke Nakata, Yudai Taira, Toshihiro Nakanishi, and Fumiaki Miyamaru

Anisotropic Babinet-Invertible Metasurfaces to Realize Transmission-Reflection Switching for Orthogonal Polarizations of Light
Physical Review Applied,6:044022 2016(Oct. 28)
Author:Yosuke Nakata, Yoshiro Urade, Kunio Okimura, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Mitsuo Wada Takeda, and Masao Kitano

Supersymmetric correspondence in spectra on a graph and its line graph: From circuit theory to spoof plasmons on metallic lattices
Physical Review A,93:043853 2016(Apr. 27)
Author:Y. Nakata, Y. Urade, T. Nakanishi, F. Miyamaru, M. W. Takeda, and M. Kitano

Dynamically Babinet-invertible metasurface: a capacitive-inductive reconfigurable filter for terahertz waves using vanadium-dioxide metal-insulator transition
Optics Express,24:4405 2016(Feb. 22)
Author:Yoshiro Urade, Yosuke Nakata, Kunio Okimura, Toshihiro Nakanishi, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Mitsuo W. Takeda, and Masao Kitano

Observation of Fano resonance using a coupled resonator metamaterial composed of meta-atoms arranged by double periodicity
Applied Physics Express,9:012201 2016
Author:T. Nishida, Y. Nakata, F. Miyamaru, T. Nakanishi, and M. W. Takeda

Trapping waves with terahertz metamaterial absorber based on isotropic Mie resonators
Optics Letters,40:3197-3200 2015
Author:Riad Yahiaoui, Kenichiro Hanai, Keisuke Takano, Tsubasa Nishida, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Makoto Nakajima, and Masanori Hangyo

Crossover from capacitive to inductive electromagnetic responses in near self-complementary metallic checkerboard patterns
Optics Express,22:24787 2014(Oct. 06)
Author:K. Takano, F. Miyamaru, K. Akiyama, H. Miyazaki, M. W. Takeda, Y. Abe, Y. Tokuda, H. Ito, and M. Hangyo

Terahertz metamolecules deposited on thin flexible polymer: design, fabrication and experimental characterization
Journal of Optics,16:094014 2014(Sep. 03)
Author:R. Yahiaoui, K. Takano, F. Miyamaru, M. Hangyo, and P. Mounaix

Ultrafast optical control of group delay of narrow-band terahertz waves
Scientific Reports,4:4346 2014(Mar. 11)
Author:F. Miyamaru, H. Morita, Y. Nishiyama, T. Nishida, T. Nakanishi, M. Kitano and M. W. Takeda

Highly Sensitive Terahertz Sensing of Glycerol-Water Mixtures with Metamaterials
Journal of Infrared Millimeter and Terahertz Waves,35:198-207 2013(Nov. 23)
Author:F. Miyamaru, K. Hattori, K. Shiraga, S. Kawashima, S. Suga, T. Nishida, M. W. Takeda, and Y. Ogawa

Focusing effect measurements of artificial dielectric multilayer lens with metal rectangular chips for terahertz wave band
Applied Physics A,115:501 2013(Nov. 15)
Author:Y. Takebayashi, T. Konno, S. Shimada, F. Miyamaru, J. C. Young, H. Kitahara, K. Takano, M. Hangyo, T. Suzuki

Analysis and design of concave lens with metallic slit array for terahertz wave band
Applied Physics A,115:495 2013(Nov. 09)
Author:T. Suzuki, H. Yonamine, T. Konno, J. C. Young, K. Murai, F. Miyamaru, K. Takano, H. Kitahara, M. Hangyo

Fabrication and performance of TiO2-ceramic-based metamaterials for terahertz frequency range
IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology,3:812-819 2013(Nov. 08)
Author:K. Takano, Y. Yakiyama, K. Shibuya, K. Izumi, H. Miyazaki, Y. Jimba,F. Miyamaru, H. Kitahara, and M. Hangyo

Fast-Scan Terahertz Time Domain Spectrometer Based on Laser Repetition Frequency Modulation
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,52:022401 2013(Oct.)
Author:T. Furuya, E. S. Estacio, K. Horita, C. T. Que, K. Yamamoto, F. Miyamaru, S. Nishizawa, and M. Tani

Saturation and Polarization Characteristics of 1.56 μm Optical Probe Pulses in a LTG-GaAs Photoconductive Antenna Terahertz Detector
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves,34:423 2013(May 03)
Author:Elmer S. Estacio&Masakazu Hibi&Katsuya Saito&Christopher T. Que&Takashi Furuya&Fumiaki Miyamaru&SeiziNishizawa&Kohji Yamamoto&Masahiko Tani

Transmission properties of double-gap asymmetric split ring resonators in terahertz region
Applied Physics Letters,101(5):051112 2012(Aug. 02)
Author:F. Miyamaru, S. Kubota, T. Nakanishi, S. Kawashima, N. Sato, M. Kitano, andM. W. Takeda

Terahertz response of split-ring resonators with fractal structures
Applied Physics Express,5:072001 2012
Author:Fumiaki Miyamaru, Shiro Kuboda, and Mitsuo W. Takeda

Photoconductive emission and detection of terahertz pulsed radiation using semiconductors and semiconductor devices
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves,33:393 2012
Author:Masahiko Tani , Kohji Yamamoto, Elmer S. Estacio, Christopher T. Que, Hidekazu Nakajima, Masakazu Hibi, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Seizi Nishizawa, and Masanori Hangyo

Controlling extraordinary transmission characteristics of metal hole arrays with spoof surface plasmons
Applied Physics Letters,100(8):081112 2012
Author:Fumiaki Miyamaru, Mototsugu Kamijyo,Naoki Hanaoka, and Mitsuo W. Takeda

Optical switching of terahertz radiation from meta-atom-loaded photoconductive antennas
Applied Physics Letters,99:161114 2011(Oct. 20)
Author:Keisuke Takano, Yui Chiyoda, Tsubasa Nishida, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Taku Kawabata, Hirofumi Sasaki, Mitsuo W. Takeda, and Masanori Hangyo

Single-phase electrorheological effect in microgravity
Soft Matter 2011
Author:Guoqing Zhao, Shuyu Chen, Weijia Wen, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Mitsuo W. Takeda, Jianding Yu and Ping Sheng

Fano effect of metamaterial resonance in terahertz extraordinary transmission
Applied Physics Letters,98:011911 2011
Author:Xiao Xiao, Wu Jinbo, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Mengying Zhang, Shunbo Li, Mitsuo W. Takeda, Weijia Wen, and Ping Sheng

Dependence of emission of terahertz radiation on geometrical parameters of dipole photoconductive antennas
Applied Physics Letters,96(21):211104 2010(May)
Author:F. Miyamaru, Y. Saito, K. Yamamoto, T. Furuya, S. Nishizawa, and M. Tani

Three-dimensional bulk metamaterials operating in the terahertz range
Applied Physics Letters,96(8):81105 2010(Feb.)
Author:F. Miyamaru, S. Kubota, K. Taima, K. Takano, M. Hangyo, and M. W. Takeda

Effect of dielectric thin films on reflection properties of metal hole arrays
Applied Physics Letters,96(2):21106 2010(Jan.)
Author:F. Miyamaru, Y. Sasagawa, and M. W. Takeda

Resonant terahertz transmissions through metal hole array on silicon substrate
Optics Express,18:18558 2010
Author:Xiao Xiao, Wu Jinbo, Yuki Sasagawa, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Mengying Zhang, Mitsuo W. Takeda, Chunyin Qiu, Weijia Wen, and Ping Sheng

Characteristics and generation process of surface waves excited on a perfect conductor surface
Optics Express,18(16):17576 2010
Author:F. Miyamaru, M. Kamijyo, K. Takano, M. Hangyo, H. Miyazaki, and M. W. Takeda

Characteristics of terahertz radiations emitted from fractal photoconductive antennas
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,49:070205 2010
Author:F. Miyamaru, Y. Saito, M. W. Takeda, B. Hou, W. Wen, and P. Sheng

A metal-to–insulator transition in cut-wire-grid metamaterials in the terahertz region
Journal of Applied Physics,107:24907 2010
Author:K. Takano, K. Shibuya, K. Akiyama, T. Nagashima,F. Miyamaru, and M. Hangyo

Fabrication of terahertz planar metamaterials using a super-fine ink-jet printer
Applied Physics Express,3:16701 2010
Author:K. Takano, T. Kawabata, C.-F. Hsieh, K. Akiyama, F. Miyamaru, Y. Abe, Y. Tokuda, R.-P. Pan, C.-L. Pan, and M. Hangyo

Emission of terahertz radiations from fractal antennas
Applied Physics Letters,95(22):221111 2009(Nov.)
Author:F. Miyamaru, Y. Saito, M. W. Takeda, B. Hou, L. Liu, W. Wen, and P. Sheng

Terahertz pulsed imaging of frozen biological tissues
Applied Physics Letters,94:123901 2009
Author:H. Hoshina, A. Hayashi,N. Miyoshi,F. Miyamaru,and C. Otani

Temporal spectroscopic characteristics of terahertz pulses transmitted through metal hole arrays
電気学会論文誌A(基礎・材料・共通部門誌),129-A:751 2009
Author:F. Miyamaru and M. Hangyo

Coupling between localized resonance and excitation of surface waves in metal holearrays
Physical Review B,79:153405 2009
Author:F. Miyamaru and M. W. Takeda

Characterization of Terahertz Metamaterials Fabricated on Flexible Plastic Films: Toward Fabrication of Bulk Metamaterials in Terahertz Region
Applied Physics Express,2:42001 2009
Author:F. Miyamaru, M. W. Takeda, and K. Taima

Terahertz electric response of fractal metamaterial structures
Physical Review B,77:45124 2008
Author:F. Miyamaru,Y. Saito, M. W. Takeda, B. Hou, L. Liu, W. Wen, and P. Sheng

Terahertz sensing method for protein detection using a thin metallic mesh
Applied Physics Letters,91:253901 2007
Author:H. Yoshida, Y. Ogawa, Y. Kawai, S. Hayashi, A. Hayashi, C. Otani, E.Kato, F. Miyamaru, K. Kawase

Rectification of terahertz signal using a Schottky photoconductive antenna
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,46:597-600 2007
Author:C. Que, M. Tani, M. Hangyo, F. Miyamaru, and S. Tanaka

Highly sensitive surface plasmon terahertz imaging with planar plasmonic crystals
Optics Express,15:14804-14809 2007
Author:F. Miyamaru, M. W. Tanaka, T. Suzuki, and C. Otani

Transmission characteristics through two-dimensional periodic hole arrays perforated in perfect conductors
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,45:4058-4063 2006
Author:T. Tanaka, M. Akazawa, E. Sano, M. Tanaka, F. Miyamaru, and M. Hangyo

Strong optical activity in chiral metamaterials of metal screw hole arrays
Applied Physics Letters,89:211105 2006
Author:F. Miyamaru and M. Hangyo

Resonant electromagnetic wave transmission through strontium titatnate hole arrays with complex surface waves
Physical Review B,74:115117 2006
Author:F. Miyamaru, M. Tanaka, and M. Hangyo

Effect of a hole diameters on terahertz surface wave excitation in metal hole arrays
Physical Review B,74:153416 2006
Author:F. Miyamaru, M. Tanaka, and M. Hangyo

Terahertz surface wave resonant sensor with metal hole arrays
Optics Letters,31:1118 2006
Author:F. Miyamaru, C. Otani, K. Kawase, Y. Ogawa, S. Hayashi, H. Yoshida, and E. Kato

Slab thickness dependence of polarization change of THz waves transmitted through metal hole arrays
Journal of Applied Physics,99:16105 2006
Author:F. Miyamaru and M. Hangyo

Control of enhanced THz transmission through metallic hole arrays using nematic liquid crystal
Optics Express,13:3921 2005
Author:C.-L. Pan, C.-F. Hsieh, R.-P. Pan, M. Tanaka, F. Miyamaru, M. Tani, and M. Hangyo

Effect of thin dielectric layer on terahertz transmission characteristics for metal hole arrays
Optics Letters,30:1210-1212 2005
Author:M. Tanaka,F. Miyamaru, M. Hangyo, T. Tanaka, M. Akasawa, and E. Sano

Terahertz absorption spectra of L-, D-, and DL-alanine and their application to determination of enantiometric composition
Applied Physics Letters,86:53903 2005
Author:M. Yamaguchi, F. Miyamaru, K. Yamamoto, M. Tani, and M. Hangyo

Strong enhancement of terahertz transmission for a three-layer heterostructure of metal hole arrays
Physical Review B,72:35429 2005
Author:F. Miyamaru and M. Hangyo

Anomalous terahertz transmission through double-layer metal holearrays by coupling of surface plasmon polaritons
Physical Review B,71:165408 2005
Author:F. Miyamaru, and M. Hangyo

Noninvasive inspection of C-4 explosive in mails and its basic THz data by terahertz-time-domain spectroscopy
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,43:L414 2004
Author:K Yamamoto,M. Yamaguchi, F. Miyamaru, M. Tani, and M. Hangyo

THz 2D-EO sampling using high speed CMOS camera
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,43:L489-L491 2004
Author:F. Miyamaru, T. Yonera, M. Tani, and M. Hangyo

Polarization response of two-dimensional metallic photonic crystals studied by THztime domain spectroscopy
Applied Optics,43:1412-1415 2004
Author:F. Miyamaru, and M. Hangyo

Finite size effect of the transmission property for metal hole arrays in subterahertz region
Applied Physics Letters,84:2742-2744 2004
Author:F. Miyamaru, and M. Hangyo

Large polarization change in two-dimensional metallic photonic crystals in subterahertz region
Applied Physics Letters,82:2568-2570 2003
Author:F. Miyamaru, T. Kondo, T. Nagashima, and M. Hangyo

Study of coherent LO phonon-plasmon coupled modes by double pulse excitation
Journal of Luminescence,939:87-89 2000
Author:K. Mizoguchi, F. Miyamaru, M. Nakajima, M. Hase and S. Nakashima

Study of coherent LO phonon-plasmon coupled modes in n-GaAs by spectrally resolved pump-probe measurement
Physica B,272:367 1999
Author:K. Mizoguchi, F. Miyamaru, M. Nakajima, M. Hase and S. Nakashima

Dynamic of coherent plasmon-phonon coupled modes in GaAs using ultrashort laser pulses
Journal of Luminescence,68:76-77 1998
Author:M. Hase, K. Mizoguchi, H. Harima, F. Miyamaru, S. Nakashima, R. Fukasawa, M. Tani and K. Sakai

(US7339697) Apparatus for and method of recording image based on detected recording duty ratio
(US7250961) Light beam scanning method and apparatus compensating for defects
(US6898335) Optical modulator, exposure head and image recording apparatus
(US6717605) Focal position adjusting apparatus, exposure head, and image recording apparatus
(US6664999) Image-recording device and method
(EP01136272B1) Apparatus for and method of recording image
Research Grants
Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2022 - 2024 , 時間壁によるテラヘルツ波の周波数変換の高効率化 , 基盤研究(C)

Scholarship donation
2011 , (住友財団) 近接場リアルタイムイメージングを目指したテラヘルツハイパーレンズの開発
2010 , (泉科学技術振興財団) テラヘルツ帯3次元メタマテリアルによる負屈折率物質及び、座標変換物質の創製