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Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of ArtsFAX
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Academic Background
Graduate School
The University of Tokyo , (Graduate School, Division of Science) , 1971
The University of Tokyo , (Graduate School, Division of Science) , 1967

Yokohama City University , 1965

Master of Science


Books, Articles, etc.
SOME GEOGRAPHICAL DESCRIPTION ON SHINSHU 4th Edition (英語でつづる信州の地理・増補改訂 第4版)
信濃教育会出版部 2007(Nov.)
Author:Yoshida, Takahiko

「治水とダム」, 33頁
川辺書院 2001

「地図にみる長野県の風土」, 232頁
信濃教育会出版部 1999

「松本市史 第二巻歴史編 Ⅳ現代」, 145頁
松本市刊・藤原印刷 1997

人文科学論集人間情報学科編,42:131-148 2008(Mar.)

JAPAN ALPS, its Physical Profiles and the Beginnings of People's Mountaineerings under the outward Looks of Worship
人文科学論集人間情報学科編,41:171-183 2007(Mar.)
Keywords:the Alps,Hida ・ Kiso ・ Akaishi ranges,Glaciation,Mountaineering,Worships,アルプス,飛驒・木曽・赤石山脈,氷食地形,登山,信仰

Land Use Conversion and Landscape Transition with the Development of Tourism and some environmental Problems in Shinshu District
人文科学論集,40:73-97 2006(Mar.)
Keywords:Tourism Development,Communal Forest Land,Land ownership,Water Resource,Environmentn

On the urban Landscape Transformation and residential Sector formation through Land Use Competition and Land Price Distribution in the Matsumoto City urban area, Nagano Prefecture, Central Inland Japan
人文科学論集人間情報学科編,39:161-176 2005(Mar.)
Keywords:Residential Land Use,Land Price Distribution,Iso-value Map,central Urban Area,Transportation Focal Point

Some Data Examination on the cool Summer Weather Year of the 2003 and making clear its regional Diversities by tracing the daily Temperature Transition and by measuring Deviation from the normal Summer on the home 9 Weather Stations
人文科学論集人間情報学科編,38:173-190 2004(Mar.)
Keywords:cool summer year of the 2003,Regional Weather Differences,Maximum daily Temperature,Temperature Transition Pattern,Temperature Deviation from normal Summer,Windward and Leeward Locatio

人文科学論集人間情報学科編,37:91-113 2003(Mar.)
Keywords:Dam Construction,Water Resource Development,Flood Control,Land use,Water Consumption ダム建設,水資源開発,治水,土地利用,水利用

Policy Examination for Tourism Promotion Planning in Protection and Maintenances of cultural Heritages in the Chikuhoku Region, a part of the Matsumoto united Municipalities Collaboration
平成14年度信州大学地域貢献特別支援事業費プロジェクト研究成果報告書,1(1):49-65 2003(Mar.)

Land Use System Transformation with the Development of Tourism and some Environmental Problems in Shinshu District, an inland area of Central Japan.
内陸文化研究創刊号,:81-90 2001(Mar.)

Water Resource Development, Water Rights Disputes and legal and political Battles between Nagano and Niigata administrative District among Nojiri Lake water
信州大学環境科学年報,(23):119-133 2001(Mar.)

新潟経済地理学会年報,(11):22-38 2001

A Historical  Overview of the Water Resource development and the Establishment of the Water-right of the  Nojiri lake, norhthern Nagano Prefecture
信州大学人文学部人文科学論集,(35):33-59 2001

An Attempt of Finding way to deal with and to recover declining primary Industry with Depopulation Problems making use of the Traditional Cultural Heritages, in case of the small mountain Village Nakajou-mura, Naganoken
Studies in Humanities: Human Science 人間情報学科編 信大人文学部 人文科学論集,No.33:107-126 1999(Mar.)

信濃,50(5):14-30 1998(May)

地理,43(2):56-61 1998(Feb.)